Peak enters into the field of labor protection articles by means of brand authorization for the first time

On April 21, peak, a well-known sports brand in China, held a press conference at its headquarters in Quanzhou. 1t officially announced that Quanzhou peak labor protection products Co., Ltd., a Sino foreign joint venture, would be established in the form of brand authorization in cooperation with Maruji Co., Ltd. Peak will authorize the new joint venture company to use and produce peak brand labor protection products, mainly for industrial and mining, electric power, oil and other occupational groups< Xu Jingnan, chairman of peak, said: "the establishment of Quanzhou peak labor protection products Co., Ltd. will further enrich the market layout of peak, which is a new move for the all-round international development of peak. Maruzu Co., Ltd. is a professional labor protection products manufacturer with many years of manufacturing experience Quanzhou peak labor protection products Co., Ltd. is a joint venture registered by peak sporting goods Co., Ltd., Japan maruwu Co., Ltd. and Nan’an peak safety protection products Co., Ltd. its main products in the future are safety shoes, work clothes, safety helmets, protective gloves, masks, glasses, work accessories, etc. The company will first operate in the form of export OEM. 1n the future, it will mainly promote peak brand high-end labor protection products to the domestic and international markets, as well as medium and low-end products, including maruwuheel safety and other brand labor protection products this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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