Pearl fiber fabric with skin care effect comes out in Shishi

according to our news, have you ever heard of clothes that can prevent ultraviolet rays, prevent skin aging, and have the functions of removing hot spots on the surface of the skin, removing freckles, removing acne and maintaining the skin? This is not a scientific fantasy, but a living reality. At present, the fabric of this kind of clothes has been developed by Shishi researchers. Yesterday, the reporter in Quanzhou textile and garment vocational college dean Ding Guoqiang’s office, a look at this called “pearl fiber fabric” real face

the advent of pearl fiber fabric is a new achievement and breakthrough of Shishi in developing high-grade, health-care and functional fabrics. Ding Guoqiang told reporters that in 2008, Shishi listed the pearl fiber fabric development project as a key project of the city, and entrusted Quanzhou textile and garment vocational college to tackle the key problems of the scientific research project. 1t is reported that pearl fiber is a fiber invented by our city with original technology and independent intellectual property rights. The pearl fiber fabric successfully developed in this research not only has the effect of pearl skin care, but also has the characteristics of moisture absorption, breathable and comfortable wearing. 1t has many functions, such as whitening skin, clearing fire and detoxification, anti ultraviolet and so on. 1t is especially suitable for making underwear

“pearl fiber yarn and fabric are mainly developed by blending, which can not only solve the weakness of low strength of single pearl fiber, but also give full play to the functional characteristics of pearl fiber.” Ding Guoqiang said that the pearl fiber is made by using high-tech means to process nano pearl powder through pure physical methods. Viscose cellulose is extracted from cotton linter, so the pearl fiber does not contain any harmful substances such as chemical products. At the same time, due to the pearl nano particles in the pearl fiber closely combined with the fiber, it has the characteristics of permanence, long-term washing and wearing will not fall off

during the interview, the reporter learned that pearl fiber fabric is not only free of harmful substances, but also permanent. Research shows that nano pearl powder has the function of emitting infrared wave, which can improve human circulation and has health care effect on human body; 1t can remove the hot pox toxin on the surface of the skin, remove freckles, remove pox and maintain the skin; Moisture absorption and ventilation, comfortable to use. At the same time, the main properties of pearl fiber show that it is suitable for weaving close fitting fabrics, including close fitting knitted fabrics, shirt fabrics, sportswear fabrics and bedclothes

industry insiders believe that in recent years, with the strong support and cultivation of Shishi municipal government, more than 20 kinds of high-end, health-care and environment-friendly fabrics, such as bamboo fiber, soybean protein fiber (vinylon), milk fiber (acrylic), chitin fiber (viscose), hemp fiber, far-infrared and anion fiber, have been developed by scientific researchers, Most of them have been produced, which greatly improves the market competitiveness and product added value of Shishi textile. This time, the successful development of pearl fiber fabric will once again improve the competitiveness and popularity of Shishi textile products, and become another new variety of Shishi textile

Author: Tan Gengxin

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