Peking Opera mask is shining at xianglukou Airport

yesterday morning, a group of men and women, wearing all kinds of fashionable masks with Beijing Opera elements as the design theme, gathered in the waiting area of Nanjing Lukou Airport to hold a flash activity full of youth, passion and fashion, which attracted many visitors

it is reported that the event was jointly planned by Nanjing Cultural Center and Nanjing Blue Sea Culture Communication Co., Ltd. to boost the momentum of the 8th China Peking Opera Festival. Nanjing Cultural Center specially developed a series of cultural and creative products with Beijing Opera elements as the theme for this Beijing Opera Festival. Yesterday, the masks worn by actors were the first batch of cultural and creative products, in order to attract the attention of the whole society to cultural and creative products. The participants of this flash show include 5 Beijing opera actors from Nanjing and 25 flash fans from colleges and universities, a total of 30 people. As soon as Bao Zheng’s image and tiannu Sanhua’s dance appeared, there was a burst of applause in the airport. The street dance full of youthful atmosphere makes many tourists stop to watch and take photos

the Jinling cultural and creative products created by the Nanjing Cultural Center, combined with the current market demand and consumer habits, integrated with the “fast fashion” marketing concept, the first batch of products with the quintessence of Peking Opera elements as the core, designed and produced a total of 5 cultural and creative products. 1n the future, citizens and tourists can buy cultural products representing Nanjing City symbols in libraries, museums and cultural centers” Beijing opera masks can be sold in Taobao, micro stores, cultural and creative stores and bookstores in Nanjing in the near future. With the assistance of Nanjing Blue Sea Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Nanjing Cultural Center plans to launch 100 Jinling cultural and creative products within three years, and will open Jinling cultural and creative products physical stores

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