Pengcheng successfully develops “cool fabric” with Taiwan Technology

yesterday, Chairman Wu Xinmin of Pengcheng Textile Co., Ltd., who had just come back to Shishi from Hangzhou, could not take a rest. As soon as he got home, he had another technical discussion with the company’s R & D personnel on the newly developed “cool fabric”. The reporter saw that Wu Dong had some fabric samples improved by technology in his hands, which showed that the “cool fabric” had taken shape

this “cool fabric” is developed and produced by Pengcheng in cooperation with Taiwan Fengjia University. At this year’s “4.18” maritime Expo, Pengcheng textile and Taiwan Fengjia University signed a cooperation agreement to jointly research and develop new textile fabrics. Then, looking forward to the market demand, both sides began to set foot in the research and development and application of “cool fabric” finishing technology, and “cool” all ordinary fabrics. Wu Dong said that this technology is applied to women’s underwear in Taiwan. No matter what kind of fabric is processed with this special technology, the temperature of the fabric on the body can be reduced from 28 ℃ to below 25 ℃ in summer to achieve the cooling effect. 1t is understood that this “cool fabric” is different from other “cool silk” fabrics. After special finishing process, all kinds of fabrics can produce “cool effect”< Pengcheng 1ndustrial Co., Ltd. is an old Taiwan funded enterprise which entered Shishi in 1993. The company has invested 200 million yuan to introduce advanced fabric equipment from 1taly, South Korea and Taiwan. 1t has gathered high-level technical talents at home and abroad, and continuously followed the trend of fashion to develop new fabric products, achieving a strong annual production capacity of medium and high-grade fabrics. At present, it has become a long-term partner of many famous brand clothing enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces. 1n the first eight months of this year, Pengcheng has developed hundreds of new fabrics such as cotton and coating after the signing of the cross strait economic cooperation framework agreement, Pengcheng industry has more confidence in development. As Mr. Wu said, the next step is to seize the opportunity and speed up development. He told reporters that at present, the company has invested more than 10 million yuan in the introduction of 1talian functional finishing equipment to produce a new type of fabric with the function of “filling the gap of Fujian clothing fabric”. At present, only one company in Shanghai is producing this kind of fabric, while Pengcheng will produce this kind of flour material by next spring at the latest< When it comes to the future, Wu believes with full confidence that deepening cross-strait cooperation will actually promote the revitalization of the Chinese nation's industry since the beginning of this year, Pengcheng Textile Co., Ltd. has been looking forward to the market demand and cooperating with Taiwan Fengjia university to develop new textile fabrics. The picture shows Wu Xinmin, chairman of the board of the company, discussing the application of “cool fabric” finishing technology with Taiwan R & D personnel

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