Pengliang industry and Trade United with 3M and Consumer Association to investigate Taobao masks

Recently, affected by the haze weather and flu, the dust-proof and anti-virus mask once became a hot sale on Taobao. 1n order to protect the rights and interests of consumers and enable the public to buy genuine masks with protective effect, Shenzhen pengliang industry and Trade Co., Ltd. jointly with 3M and the Consumer Council conducted a trial purchase inspection on the masks sold on taobao.com

the staff found that 95% of the masks in the top three pages of Taobao could not prevent PM2.5 and bacteria. This kind of masks with high sales volume are beautiful lace masks or cheap gauze masks. Therefore, pengliang industry and trade protection experts remind you, for your safety and health, please choose a mask that is really PM2.5 and germproof, and don’t neglect the protection of your own health for the sake of beauty

then, the staff carried out spot checks on the 3M protective masks on Taobao, and bought a batch of 3M masks from the stores with leading sales volume. After the identification of 3M company, 50% of them were counterfeit. The appearance of these fake products is not much different from that of authentic products, which makes consumers unable to effectively judge, but the protection effect is often lower than the national standard requirements. 1t doesn’t really have a protective effect. 1t is reported that the hot sale of fake goods on the 1nternet mainly depends on the ultra-low price

the staff of 3M told us that there are 3M anti-counterfeiting labels on the anti-counterfeiting box of genuine 3M dust masks, which can help us to judge. 1n addition, the relevant information of masks, including model, protection level, executive standard, etc., are all on the top of genuine 3M dust masks. Fine workmanship, high degree of fit with the face. 3M recommends the choice of authentic channels, such as: 3M authorized dealers to buy

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