People should be the first to deal with potential safety hazards

Safety is the eternal theme in the process of enterprise development. The famous “Hain rule” points out that any unsafe accident can be prevented. Behind every serious accident, there are 9 minor accidents, 300 near miss omens and 1000 potential accidents. The biggest hidden danger of safety is people. Every accident is the necessity of violating rules and regulations, and every violation is the root of hidden danger. Therefore, prevention should be started from “people”. Only by solving the three hidden dangers of “people”, can the safety production of enterprises be guaranteed

improve the awareness of prevention and solve the “hidden danger of thinking”. 1n daily work, the hidden danger of safety exists objectively. The existence of hidden danger is not terrible. What is terrible is the numbness in people’s heart, the indifference to safety and the indifference to lessons. Human thought is the hidden danger in hidden danger and the biggest threat to safety production. The occurrence of many safety accidents is not the lack of system, but people’s weak sense of safety prevention. The key to safety lies in attention and implementation. By what? 1t mainly depends on people. Perfect system, careful measures, hidden danger investigation, supervision and inspection all depend on people, and rely on everyone to really participate in safety prevention. Only when people’s safety consciousness is up, can their subjective initiative be reflected, and safety can really be “relied on”

passively accept the inspection from the superior, the safety supervision becomes a mere formality, the inspection is a breeze, and the rectification is carried out slowly… 1t seems that everything is in order, the process is finished, and everything is OK. The root of the problem is that the hidden trouble of good people’s mind has not been solved. Only when everyone consciously implements the safety awareness into the actual work, can every work be guaranteed, every operation task be successfully completed, the enterprise can really build an indestructible safety Great Wall, and the accident can really be far away from us

therefore, enterprises should pay attention to the ideological quality of employees, let employees consciously prevent accidents, investigate hidden dangers, constantly strengthen the safety awareness, responsibility awareness and law awareness of employees, and improve their safety literacy through the guidance of understanding, so as to ensure the premise of safety production

learn from the blood and solve the “hidden danger of behavior”. People are the main body of safety production, and people’s unsafe behavior is the biggest hidden danger of accidents. 1n the work of electric power production, we should act on the basis of experience, subjective judgment, “it doesn’t matter”, “it doesn’t matter”, “it’s not so good”, all of which are the embodiment of hidden danger of behavior and the root of Habitual Violation of regulations; Small workload, no need to issue bills, no need to take safety measures when the machine is shut down, no need to “jump down” without wearing safety belt, “blue sky and white clouds” without wearing safety helmet, no need to check the electricity when the power is off, no need to hang the grounding wire, and so on, are all manifestations of ideological paralysis and fluke mentality towards safety. Who doesn’t know that all safety regulations should be written in blood. 1n terms of safety production, we should “one is one, two is two”. We should do what we should do. We can’t save trouble or be afraid of trouble

a lot of blood lessons tell us that safety production is like this: nails are nails, rivets are rivets. We should not be careless. We should link up with each other step by step. 1n the enterprise’s work safety, only with a highly serious attitude to every ordinary work, behavior hidden danger will be eliminated from everyone

pay attention to detail management and solve “hidden trouble of experience”. Experience is relative, and the change of things changes with the change of environment and conditions. From the safety accident cases reported in the previous period of time, none of them is caused by not paying attention to details, violating rules and regulations, and subjective judgment based on experience

whether it’s a teacher Fu who has many years of work experience or a new employee who has not been working for a long time, the cause of the accident almost has one thing in common, that is, they ignore the small details of safety production work and replace the rules and regulations with “experience”. They don’t know how many people write the safety regulations with their blood experience. The lesson of the predecessors and the teacher of the posterity, “the posterity mourns but does not learn, which also makes the posterity mourn again.” Learn from the lessons of our predecessors, don’t let your sorrow become the experience accumulation and exclamation of others

in safety production, we should start with a safety helmet, a pair of insulating shoes, a leakage protector, a set of dry work clothes and labor tools, pay attention to small details and prevent big risks. Think more, look more, ask more, remind more, prefer to listen to the curse, rather than listen to the cry, from the details, to build a safety line for our personal safety

the prosperity of an enterprise is inseparable from the care of every employee. Let’s focus on safety, care for life, with patience, care and sincerity, in exchange for the safe operation of production

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