Personal protection – fabric characteristics of common special protective clothing

The protective clothing on the market is complex and has many functions. Many professionals do not have the right choice and identification. This paper will briefly introduce the common fabric characteristics of protective clothing, and provide a reference for the selection of suitable protective clothing for special post personnel< 1. Easy to clean fabric the main characteristic of this kind of fabric is that it has the dual functions of preventing contamination and easy to clean. Once it is contaminated, it is also easy to clean. Therefore, the use of easy decontamination fabric is suitable for the production of frequent contact with animal and vegetable oil and mineral oil working environment< Second, the oil-resistant and water repellent fabric is widely used in petroleum industry, machinery manufacturing, maintenance industry, environmental sanitation system, food processing and other industries< 3. Fireproof and flame retardant fabric fireproof and flame retardant fabric mainly includes cotton flame retardant fabric, CVC flame retardant fabric, antistatic flame retardant fabric, etc. Among them, all cotton flame-retardant fabric has good washing resistance, non-toxic and no odor, safe and reliable to human body, breathable and moisture permeable, soft feel and high comfort. One of the most famous flame retardant fabrics is the special flame retardant fabric which uses British praban flame retardant finishing technology, which can not only effectively prevent flame spread, but also protect the original properties of the fabric. The protective clothing made of this fabric has good washability, no peculiar smell, safe, comfortable and reliable wearing. 1t can be widely used in shipbuilding, machinery, metallurgy, forestry, fire protection, electric welding and other industries to make protective clothing< 4. Antistatic fabric antistatic clothing is a necessary protective clothing for inflammable and explosive places. Antistatic fabric is made of antistatic fiber. The conductive property of the fabric can meet the requirements of Japan’s “Electrostatic Safety Guide”. The fabric has strong durability and can be widely used for workers in flammable and explosive gases, chemical industry, dust, petroleum, pharmaceutical and electronic industries< 5. Anti ultraviolet fabric anti ultraviolet fabric mainly contains high-efficiency UV absorbing material, which is non-toxic, non explosive, safe to human body, non irritating to skin, no allergic reaction, and does not affect the color, strength, moisture absorption and permeability of the fabric, The fabric has good absorption, conversion, reflection and scattering effects on ultraviolet (especially UV-A and UV-B) in 180-400 nm band< 6. Acid and alkali proof fabric the protective clothing made of this fabric is suitable for the workers who often contact with acid and alkali solution. 1t has high acid pressure resistance, long acid penetration resistance, low acid strength decline rate and good acid proof performance. 1t has good protection function for employees and is widely used in the chemical industry China labor insurance net

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