Personal protection in containers and closed environment — respiratory protection

1n many work areas, there are confined spaces. These areas are very small, whether entering, leaving or working here, the operation of personnel will be restricted. The German employer’s Liability 1nsurance Association stipulates that the space with air volume less than 100 cubic meters and no natural air exhaust device, or the space with length, width, height and diameter less than 2 meters is a closed space

the limited space, the poor circulation of air or other substances and reagents, or the presence of instruments in the room can cause special hazards, which are obviously more than the potential hazards commonly seen in the work area. As the danger of gas increases gradually, it is necessary to clean or repair the confined space. 1f the air in the confined space is not unobstructed and there are harmful substances or dispensing agents, it will cause special hazards, which obviously exceed the potential hazards common in the workshop. As the danger of gas increases gradually, it is necessary to clean or repair the confined space. There are many areas of confined space, including: waste management companies, chemical and petrochemical industry, oil and gas production industry, transportation industry, transportation logistics industry, container construction and maintenance industry and agriculture. Applications include: water tanks, boilers, fractionation columns, containers, silos, shafts, pipelines, coal mines, pipes, mold troughs, warehouses, sewage treatment plants, etc. Staff must be trained in this area. The safety level is usually measured before starting the operation, and then the equipment is repaired

the main causes of danger in confined space are:

– formation and accumulation of explosive substances (“combustible gas” measurement)

– hypoxia or excessive oxygen (“oxygen” measurement)

– formation and accumulation of toxic substances (“toxic and harmful gas” measurement)

– combustible gas measurement and oxygen measurement are required measurement items

– the oxygen concentration in the confined area is less than 19.0 vol%, indicating the risk of asphyxia. When the oxygen concentration exceeds 23.0 vol%, it means that all substances are easy to catch fire, and the temperature of substances is high, including protective clothing which is fire-resistant in general environment

therefore, only professional and technical personnel can carry out repair, inspection, maintenance and cleaning. 1f the above work needs to be carried out in containers or confined spaces, there will be risks. Before entering the confined space and / or container, it is necessary to check whether the work area is safe and whether corresponding arrangements need to be made, such as a set of ventilation equipment

are there any toxic or explosive substances in the area? 1f so, what are they? How much oxygen is there? 1f the safety level measurement can be implemented correctly, these two questions can be answered. 1f the container has been completely emptied, it still plays an important role in risk assessment regardless of whether there are pollutants releasing gas or dangerous substances entering

measuring the safety level of a factory requires professional knowledge in selecting and applying appropriate measurement methods. Similarly, only through the correct professional knowledge can the results be reliably evaluated; Comprehensive training and preparation are also very important. 1n order to make your life easier, we will provide mobile training device for you working in containers and confined spaces. 1n this specially designed training module, we can realize many different use scenarios and simulate dangerous situations in your place for a period of time. 1n terms of safety engineering, it is stipulated that the equipment and system must operate correctly. 1n addition, the user must be very familiar with the operation of the equipment. 1t is impossible to master this skill only by learning theoretical knowledge. Practice makes perfect, and the same applies here

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