personal protection in low temperature environment

Many workers operate in low temperature environment, and the personal protection of these workers should be as follows:

first of all, the relevant industries and enterprises should pay attention to the safety production, work and maintenance rules and regulations of their own units, and there should be relevant anti freezing and warm keeping methods, so as to have rules to follow. Secondly, we should strengthen the inspection and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, and prohibit “running, emitting, dripping and leaking”. 1f ammonia leakage is found, measures should be taken to repair it in time to prevent the expansion of leakage. To ensure that the refrigeration workshop ventilation equipment is good, if a lot of ammonia leakage should be able to timely discharge out of the house, to prevent the occurrence of poisoning. 1t is necessary to equip suitable gas mask or oxygen respirator in refrigeration workshop. 1n addition, low temperature operation and cold water operation should be automated and mechanized as far as possible to prevent or reduce low temperature operation and cold water operation; To control the low temperature operation, cold water operation time; 1n winter, cold proof and heating equipment should be provided in cold working places, and wind proof shed and heating shed should be set up for outdoor operation; Materials with low thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption and good air permeability should be selected as cold proof clothing; During the operation, it is necessary for the workers to wear warm keeping articles such as cold proof clothes, shoes, hats and gloves; Cold clothing to prevent moisture, limbs can not be too tight, so as not to affect part of the blood circulation; Changing rooms and rest rooms should be set up near the cold storage to ensure that the workers have enough rest times and time. 1f conditions permit, it is better to let the workers take a hot bath after operation. Finally, physical examination should be carried out regularly and health monitoring should be done well. All taboo workers who are over 50 years old and suffering from hypertension, heart disease, gastrointestinal dysfunction and other diseases should be transferred from low temperature and cold storage jobs in time. We should pay attention to the special maintenance of female workers, and prohibit the arrangement of female workers in the “fourth phase” to engage in refrigeration work

when working in low temperature environment, the requirements for protective gloves are very strict, which not only have the protection function of conventional gloves, but also have the cold protection function in severe cold conditions. The common types of cold protection gloves in PVC impregnated gloves include fluorescent cold protection gloves, cashmere inner liner cold protection gloves, brown safety sleeve gloves lined with sponge composite cloth, etc. These gloves have the function of cold proof, waterproof, oil proof, acid-base proof

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