Personal protection of workers exposed to toxic substances

Personal protection of workers exposed to poisons is of special significance. 1n addition to the respiratory tract, poisons can invade through the mouth and skin. Protective articles belonging to workplaces include protective clothing, dust masks and gas masks

according to the nature of toxic substances, characteristics of toxic operations and protection requirements, accident cabinet, first aid kit, personal protective equipment (gas protective clothing, gloves, shoes, glasses, filter gas mask, long tube mask, air respirator, oxygen mask, etc.), human body irrigator, safety equipment, etc. should be equipped in the working environment of toxic operations The service radius of eye washer and other health protection facilities should be less than 15m< (1) protective clothing. 1ncluding protective clothing, shoes, hats, glasses, gloves, etc. 1n order to prevent poison from invading into human body or damaging human body through skin, the selection and design of protective clothing should be conducive to anti-virus, light, durable, and not affect body temperature regulation. Protective clothing should be stored in a special cabinet. 1t is forbidden to wear protective clothing to the canteen, bathroom, dormitory, etc. The protective clothing should be cleaned and kept clean frequently, and chemical treatment should be carried out when necessary< (2) gas masks and gas masks. Gas masks and gas masks are respiratory protectors with many types. According to the protection principle, they can be divided into two types: filter type and isolation type 1. filter type: filter and purify the harmful substances in the air to achieve the purpose of protection. When the concentration of harmful substances in the air of workplace is not very high, wear this kind of protector

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