Personal protective equipment industry in China

the economic environment of personal protective equipment is an interesting topic. 1n developed countries, personal protective equipment is an indispensable equipment in production and economic life, and also an essential thing in daily life. 1n China, it is only in the field of production safety that protective equipment for employees is considered, and it is still in its infancy to equip personal protective equipment in daily life

from January 1, 2007, China began to implement the 1nterim Measures for financial management of work safety expenses of enterprises in high-risk industries, which clearly stipulates that different enterprises should determine the safety expenses according to the corresponding standards according to different outputs and output values. This fundamentally provides a guarantee for the cost of protective equipment

but it is not obvious to solve the problem of huge gap in safety investment. 1t will take some time for the measures issued by the government to produce effect in a wider range. The development mode of national economy and industrial structure have established a macro and fundamental background and foundation for occupational safety. Since the reform and opening up, the proportion of manufacturing industry in the whole national economy has gradually increased. The rapid development of manufacturing industry makes the whole economy of China take off rapidly, but the social and economic problems are very obvious. The specific production process of the manufacturing industry contains more factors that harm human body and pollute the environment than other industries, so the incidents of serious harm to human health will also increase sharply. At the same time, the previous measures to protect employees can no longer meet the needs today

most of China’s manufacturing industries are infrastructure and labor-intensive industries, and the risks inherent in the industry itself are relatively large. Most of the employees engaged in labor have low cultural level and weak sense of self-protection. There is a huge gap between the rapid development of manufacturing industry itself and the lagging labor protection situation. Moreover, many of China’s manufacturing industries are at the end of the world’s industrial chain, accounting for only a small proportion of profit sharing. This also reduces the cost of labor safety protection

the number of industrial accidents has decreased and stabilized, behind which are the sufficient safety investment in place and the implementation of various labor measures, including the quality and quantity of protective equipment equipped to all aspects of production. China will always come to the stage of economic development and security. At that time, the improvement and implementation of security laws and regulations, as well as the development of economy, can make the personal protective equipment industry have a real demand and rich content market. All kinds of laws and regulations, the safety concept of enterprise operators and the self-protection consciousness of every worker can keep up with the pace of economic development(Li Mingyan)

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