Philippines formulates South China Sea defense plan to curb China’s “occupation” of islands and reefs

A few days ago, the Philippine military was exposed to be secretly preparing for war in the South China Sea. An anonymous senior Philippine military officer told Kyodo News Agency on the 6th that the Philippine military has drawn up a four-year plan to strengthen the “security fence” in the South China Sea area to curb China’s “occupation” of more islands and reefs, including those disputed areas with rich resources< According to the Philippine ABS-CBN News Network on the 6th, the anonymous senior Philippine military officer said that as China "increases poaching activities in the Philippines' exclusive economic zone ', harasses Philippine fishermen and increases the presence of ships and aircraft in disputed areas", the latest defense plan aims to protect the "national interests" of the Philippines. "We need to make sure that we can use these oil and gas rich areas in our territory," he said He refers to the three potential South China Sea oil and gas fields north of Palawan, southwest of Palawan and lelotan. The increasing presence of Chinese warships and coast guard vessels in disputed waters has put the Philippines on hold to start offshore oil and gas exploration activities off Palawan 1sland, ABS-CBN news said according to the confidential assessment document obtained by Kyodo news agency, it is now obvious that the recent incident in the east of Meiji Reef (the document claims that China “occupied” Meiji reef in 1995 and gradually built a naval base) shows that foreign “invasion” is getting closer to the Philippine coastline, which increases the degree of “threat” to the Philippines. The active presence of Chinese warships, including frigates, near Ren’ai reef “is a real threat,” the officer said. The continued presence of Chinese ships near lile beach indicates Beijing’s intention to gain military control of lile beach, which is about 85 nautical miles from Palawan 1sland. “China will” occupy “lile beach, and it is very likely that China is determined to declare its sovereignty politically and militarily,” the officer said He said that according to China’s strategy, it is also planned to “occupy” the Xianbin reef, Antang beach and niuchelun reef. The Philippines believes that these places are within its “exclusive economic zone” and that “occupying” these shoals and reefs is essential to gradually lead to the Lile beach’ Occupying ‘niuchelun reef’ will limit our activities in Ren’ai reef. 1t will put pressure on us to abandon the reef. “ the document said that the Philippine defense plan for the South China Sea includes strengthening the military strength of the Western command to occupy islands in the South China Sea, and at the same time, enhancing the presence of the northern command troops in the waters around Huangyan 1sland, which was “occupied” by China in 2012. 1n order to solve the problem of “suppression” of Chinese warships, the Philippine army is currently deploying two patrol ships and two reconnaissance planes on Zhongye island. Zhongye island is the administrative center of the Philippines’ so-called “Karayan city”. This so-called “town” is composed of about 95 islands, coral reefs, shoals and reefs. The Philippines claims “sovereignty” over them. Zhongye island is also the main outpost of the Philippine army in the disputed area of the South China Sea. The Philippine military plans to repair the runway on Zhongye island and build a wharf in addition to strengthening the defense of Zhongye 1sland, the Philippine army also plans to deploy one patrol boat to mahuan island and commander reef to protect the oil and gas exploration of lile beach and nearby oil and gas fields. “1t is necessary to strengthen the forces on the islands controlled by the Philippines and to use a marine brigade to launch the joint task force on the Karayan islands,” the document said The document also pointed out that with the plan to exploit natural gas in lile beach, we need to develop mahuan 1sland, which is closest to lile beach. 1n that area, we need to build a wharf and helipad the Philippines’ new defense plan attaches great importance to liaison and command and control in modern warfare. According to the plan, by the end of this year, the Philippine army will achieve good coordination among satellite communication, radar monitoring system and command and control at all nine coastal observation stations in mahuan 1sland, Zhongye island and linglingjiao reef” Yangxin sandbank is listed in the second sequence, and the northernmost area of “Karayan islands” will be given priority. Xiyue island will install relevant systems in 2016, and Feixin 1sland, Beizi island and Nanyao island will be installed in 2018. “ our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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