Physical examination should also be conducted before leaving the post

On May 16, employees exposed to occupational hazards had better ask for a physical examination before leaving the company. Otherwise, once they find themselves suffering from occupational diseases after going through the resignation procedures, they will be “confused” and face the problem of safeguarding their rights. This week is the publicity week of occupational disease prevention and control. Yesterday, Fuzhou Health Bureau, Fuzhou Safety Supervision Bureau, Fuzhou Federation of trade unions and other departments jointly held a publicity activity on “prevention and control of occupational diseases” in Zhongting street, Fuzhou

the reporter learned from Fuzhou health bureau that the employer should organize occupational health examination before, during and after work for the workers who are exposed to occupational hazards, and establish occupational health monitoring files for the workers. The cost of occupational health examination shall be borne by the employer. Different from general physical examination, occupational health examination is carried out for occupational contraindications of occupational hazards, such as dust operation, X-ray chest film, lung function examination, etc; 1n addition to general health check-up, workers exposed to lead must take urine lead, blood lead, etc. And the occupational health examination must be carried out in the qualified medical and health institutions, otherwise the examination results are invalid

however, from the current supervision situation, the proportion of pre post and in post occupational health examination in Fuzhou is relatively high, but the proportion of off post occupational health examination is relatively low. According to the staff of Fuzhou CDC, the center conducts occupational health examination for nearly 8000 workers exposed to occupational hazards every year. The number of pre job and on-the-job physical examination is large, while the number of pre employment physical examination is relatively small

“the employer shall not arrange the workers who have not undergone the pre job occupational health examination to engage in the work exposed to occupational hazards; Employees with occupational taboos shall not be arranged to engage in the taboo operations; Employees who have not undergone pre departure occupational health examination may not cancel or terminate their labor contracts. ” The above staff said that leaving the post without a physical examination would be troublesome for both sides. At present, the mobility of workers is also relatively high. 1t is difficult to say whether the workers who do not take occupational health examination when they leave their posts and go to work in new employers suffer from occupational diseases when they work in their old employers or in their new jobs. Without physical examination, workers may have no way to claim for compensation because of insufficient evidence; Employers may take the blame for others

the staff member reminded that before terminating the labor contract, the employer should actively supervise and urge the employees to take off-duty occupational health examination, and copy their own occupational health monitoring files; 1f the employer does not organize the physical examination, it can complain to the labor, health supervision, safety supervision and other relevant law enforcement departments

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