Platform erection is not standard, falling from height is not discussed


on January 16, 2002, at the construction site of a construction company in Zhejiang Province and a installation company in Shanghai, the bricklayer leader of the subcontractor, Wang, arranged his team member, Li, to transport the concrete pouring ring beam with a trolley on the operation platform on the 4th floor of room 3

at 15:20, when pouring and tamping the concrete of the ring beam on the north side of the toilet, the wooden joist of the nonstandard operation platform was suddenly broken, and Li and his car fell from the operation platform with an elevation of 11.6 meters to the floor with an elevation of 8.4 meters. Li died of severe injury after ineffective rescue


when Li poured and rammed the ring beam on the fourth floor, the wooden joist broke suddenly due to the nonstandard erection of the operation platform, which was the direct cause of the accident. The subcontractor’s safety education to employees is not enough, and the monitoring of hazard sources is not effective; The indirect causes of the accident are that the project Department of the general contractor does not supervise and manage the safety of the subcontractors strictly and does not inspect the safety of the construction site sufficiently

in addition, the subcontractor has not prepared a special scheme for the construction safety protection facilities in dangerous parts, and the safety technical disclosure to the erection personnel is not targeted. The main cause of the accident is that the inspection, acceptance and rectification are not in place after the erection, which leads to the potential safety hazard of the operation platform


subcontracting is a common construction contracting method in the construction process, but it is usually a weakness of safety management

the accident happened because the general contractor and the subcontractor failed to implement the safety production responsibility layer by layer, and did not improve the safety production rules and regulations and management network, which led to the general contractor, the subcontractor, the person in charge of various types of work, and the workers of various types of work failed to operate in accordance with the rules and regulations and operating procedures, leading to the successive destruction of safety defense lines

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