Please see me 3M campus baby activity

A few days ago, 3M, together with the traffic police brigade of Huidong New District of Zigong City and the road traffic safety association, successfully held the “please see me” – 3M campus baby activity in Huixi Primary School of Zigong City, Sichuan Province. At the same day’s activity, colleagues from Chengdu team of 3M safety and identification division, together with the traffic police brigade of Zigong Huidong New District, carried out the safety education of “traffic safety, start from me” to hundreds of teachers and students of Huixi primary school. Subsequently, 3M presented “3M traffic safety warning badge” and 3M reflective vest to student representatives and Huidong Traffic Police Brigade respectively to encourage students to ensure traffic safety and vigorously advocate civilized traffic. The event caused a good response in the local, and the relevant major media reported on the event

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