Please wear safety helmet correctly

“safety helmet must be worn correctly when entering the production area!” This is a cliche of safety work. However, in the actual production, there will still be individuals who ignore the provisions of “bareheaded” work, leading to some avoidable accidents

a small safety helmet seems very small, but it has great significance The law of the people’s Republic of China on work safety clearly stipulates that: in the process of operation, employees shall strictly abide by the rules and regulations on work safety and operating procedures of their own units, obey the management, and correctly wear and use labor protection articles. 1t can be said that the correct wearing of safety helmet is a safety barrier for good production and a major event that can not be ignored all the time. We must not wait for an accident to “regret the beginning”. 1n a handicraft factory in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, a woman worker’s hair was rolled into the roller of a polishing machine when she bent down because she didn’t wear a work cap; A worker working in 2.5-meter-deep construction pit without safety helmet was injured by a piece of wood sliding down

every one of our employees knows the importance of safety helmets. Why do they wear safety helmets incorrectly? The author summarizes several reasons: first, individual enterprises only pay attention to whether employees wear safety labor protection articles, but the details of wearing are not strict; Second, individual employees try to save trouble, especially some young women workers are afraid of wearing safety helmets to crush their hair styles, and ignore head safety; Third, some people often do not wear safety helmets because the weather is too hot or troublesome when they are working, even if they do, they will prevaricate

no matter what the reason is, the lessons from incorrect wearing of safety helmet are profound and heavy, so every employee should treat the problem of wearing safety helmet meticulously and put an end to the phenomenon of “bareheaded” operation

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