Please wear safety helmet in Brazil World Cup

A crane collapsed at the opening venue and three people were smashed in the stands. The cause of death remains to be determined.

an accident occurred at itak stadium, a new stadium of Corinthians club in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the 27th. The tower crane suddenly collapsed while lifting a metal component, smashing part of the stands, causing three people to die on the spot. The cause of the accident is still under investigation

this stadium will be used for the opening match of the 2014 World Cup. 1tak stadium has been completed 94%, and the first game will be held in January 2014

Lopez, the head of the fire department, said that the falling metal components damaged part of the stands and three people died in the accident. He also said: “we must immediately ask the municipal government for engineers to come to the scene for technical investigation, because similar situations may happen again at any time.”

according to the witness, the tower crane under construction at that time was lifting a 500 ton metal ceiling accessory. After the accessory was installed, the east side of the stadium would be completed, but the accessory fell on the stand and the two floors of the stand were smashed

odebrecht, which is responsible for the construction of the stadium, did not explain the cause of the accident

F1FA Secretary General Volcker personally confirmed that the first match will be held in this stadium on Januar5, 2014, but this accident may make this goal impossible to achieve< After the construction accident of itak stadium in Sao Paulo, the organizing committee, construction unit and design unit of Brazil World Cup held an emergency meeting, believing that the accident will delay the delivery date of the stadium for two months, but will not affect the opening ceremony and opening match of 2014 World Cup at a joint press conference, the construction company Audi brichet group, the Organizing Committee of the Brazil world cup and the Coutinho group in charge of stadium design said that although the stadium could not be delivered on December 31 due to the accident, the world cup competition will not be affected in any way, and the opening match originally scheduled to be held here on June 12, 2014 is not likely to change according to gutinio group, the reconstruction part includes the LED large screen and the 420 ton steel frame structure where the large screen is placed. Balbosa, engineer of the cotinio group, said at a news conference that the accident did not cause any damage to the interior of the stadium. There was no major damage to the overall structure, so the stadium would not collapse as a whole after the accident, F1FA issued a statement saying that they will wait for the investigation results of the accident and will not make any assumptions about the game plan for the opening match at present China labor insurance net

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