PM2.5 protective mask, skillfully doing sports in haze

Spring is coming, all things are reviving, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, showing a school of vitality everywhere. As the saying goes, “the plan of a year lies in spring”. Spring is the best season for health investment. Regular exercise can enhance the body’s immunity and significantly reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases in a year. And if you don’t exercise in spring, you won’t be able to get up all year round! So the problem is, on a sunny day, going out for exercise is equal to taking in oxygen, while on a gray haze day, taking exercise is equal to taking “poison”. Because the harmful substances in haze include sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5. Experts remind that turbid haze is very easy to cause irritation to the respiratory tract and cause high respiratory reaction. PM2.5, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants in haze are the main inducing factors of asthma and chronic bronchitis

in addition, in spring in the north, especially in windy weather, poplar catkins, willow catkins and pollen have become nightmares of all kinds of people, especially allergic people. Willow catkins not only affect urban environmental health, but also harm human health to a certain extent. Some people with allergic constitution will have facial pruritus and even swelling and pain due to catkins, pollen and other stimulation. 1f inhaled into the nasal cavity or oral cavity, cough, sneezing and other conditions will occur

therefore, it is necessary to take respiratory protection measures in spring

what measures do we have to prevent haze, dust and allergy in spring? 1n fact, the most direct and important thing is to wear protective masks

in bad haze days and catkins flying, try to avoid outdoor activities. 1f necessary, pay attention to wearing masks. The general mask has little effect on PM2.5 protection, and is excellent for catkins, dust and other large particles. People who work outdoors for a long time need to buy professional protective masks in order to avoid the chronic health hazards of PM2.5 and other pollutants. The professional protective mask is a little more expensive than the ordinary mask, but it has a significant effect in the protection of various pollutants and pollen

in addition, professional masks are also necessary for haze prevention” PM2.5 particles are very small and have strong penetrability. The mask materials on the market determine that they have very limited effect in blocking micro particles. ” 1t is understood that some brands (such as Yangpu medical, etc.) of anti haze masks have passed the inspection of the national labor protection products quality supervision and inspection center, and sports people can have a try

the three-dimensional natural cotton anti haze masks produced by Yangpu medical enterprise have all passed the test of gb2626-2006 respiratory protective equipment self suction filtration anti particulate matter respirator, and obtained the test report. The test shows that the overall filtration effect reaches 91.3%, and the respiratory resistance is less than the national standard. 1ts 3D filter design is an exclusive initiative, making the mask fit perfectly with the human face, and the mask has won the 1nnovation Award. 1n addition, the kn95 disposable anti haze mask (three-dimensional ultra-thin) launched by the company’s R & D team has also passed the test, and the filtration efficiency, dead space and leakage rate have reached the kn95 level in gb2626 standard, with small respiratory resistance, meeting the standard requirements and more comfortable to wear. The appearance of the mask solves the problem of choking when wearing kn95 mask on the market, which leads to dyspnea due to high respiratory resistance, so that consumers can get greater respiratory protection and breathe freely at the same time. According to Xiaobian, all masks produced by Yangpu medical enterprise are packaged independently after ethylene oxide sterilization, so as to avoid breeding bacteria and other microorganisms during storage. For the safety and health problems ignored by ordinary masks, Yangpu medical has done it. The masks produced by medical enterprises are more reassuring than those black hearted businessmen who exaggerate the efficacy of masks

in addition, according to the characteristics of women’s skin, Yangpu medical also specially developed a multi-functional protective mask, which is lined with chitosan material, which can effectively protect the skin while inhibiting bacteria, so as to meet women’s wearing needs

in a word, the most important thing to protect yourself in haze days is to wear masks frequently. When consumers choose masks, they must pay attention to the type to avoid thankless

haze is harmful. Citizens can reduce the injury by wearing masks and adjust it by diet. Health is our own, but prevention and control of pollution should start from everyone. At the same time, if we can make positive environmental protection measures, the haze days will be less and less in the future

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