PM2.5 respirator group standard application promotion seminar held in Xiamen

Sponsored by the safety and health protection products committee of China Textile Business Association and co sponsored by China best (Xiamen) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the group standard application promotion seminar of PM2.5 protective masks was held in Xiamen on December 4. Lei Limin, vice president and Secretary General of China Textile Business Association and chairman of safety and health protection products Committee; Chen Haida, Secretary General; Dr. Zheng Yuming, assistant director of 1nstitute of urban environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Lu Bing, director of Jiangsu special safety and protection products quality supervision and inspection center; Chen Xiaoming, chairman of China best (Xiamen) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, And Shanghai Gangkai, Chaomei daily chemical, Jingzhou Sichuang, Beijing Shengbao Hengtai, Xiamen hi tech, Xiamen Bluestar, Beijing Chiyi Zhongtian, Zhongke Tongde, Shanghai Xingnuo Kanglun, Tongcheng Chaoxia, Anhui kangweijia, Dongguan Zhixiang, Shanghai Weifeng technology 44 representatives from 28 mask production, raw material supply and machinery manufacturing enterprises, including Dongguan Changxian nanotechnology and Dongguan kuaiyuda technology, attended the promotion seminar

Lei Limin made a special speech on “strive to do a good job in the application and promotion of group standard PM2.5 protective masks, and better provide qualified protective masks for the society” at the meeting, comprehensively summarizing the implementation of group standard since March 1, 2016 The publicity and implementation of group standard PM2.5 respirator started well, progressed smoothly, and achieved the expected goal. As China’s first group standard for protective masks issued for PM2.5, China textile business association has taken the lead in implementing the State Council’s “reform plan for deepening standardization work” and played an important and positive role in standardizing the market of anti haze masks. After more than nine months of trial implementation, the service content of the group standard has been further improved, and the management measures are complete, which ensures the seriousness of the implementation of the group standard and the product quality reliability of the authorized enterprises. At present, the association has issued 41 PM2.5 respirator group standard authorization certificates and specific identification QR codes to respirator manufacturers in 9 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shandong and Hubei

Lei Limin pointed out that in recent years, the haze weather is serious, and the demand for PM2.5 masks has increased dramatically. 1t is estimated that the annual demand for various types of protective masks in the domestic market is about 800 million, showing an annual growth trend of 20% – 30%, forming a market scale of 1 billion. 1n view of the broad market prospects and development opportunities, the association will make joint efforts with enterprises to publicize the group standard of PM2.5 protective masks, expand the use of group standard enterprises, increase the publicity efforts of enterprises with authorization certificates, and constantly summarize stage work experience, enhance communication and exchange, ensure product quality, and adhere to good service, Provide more and better PM2.5 protective masks for the society, improve the market competitiveness of group standards, and win trust by strength

ZHENG Yuming gave a lecture on the pollution of atmospheric fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and the standard of protective masks. Lu Bing explained in detail the relevant standards of PM2.5 protective masks in the current market environment, the matters needing attention in market testing, and the identification of product standards. Jin boyin, executive director of Shanghai Weifeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd., believes that the advantages and disadvantages of PM2.5 protective masks can be tested by means of market cognition, and makes special promotion on the application and promotion of nano new materials in protective masks. The atmosphere of the seminar was warm, and the representatives of all participating enterprises spoke actively, expressing their willingness to contribute to the application and promotion of PM2.5 protective mask group standard

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