Pneumoconiosis patients should be alert to haze weather

The continuous haze weather brings great hidden danger to pneumoconiosis patients. Shijiazhuang seventh hospital (Shijiazhuang occupational disease prevention and Control 1nstitute) experts suggest that the majority of pneumoconiosis patients, to maintain a scientific lifestyle, less go out, eat more snow pear stewed Lily and drink more Luohan fruit tea in the afternoon< China occupation incidence rate is 80%. The incidence of pneumoconiosis is the most serious occupation disease that endangering the health of Chinese workers. According to statistics, the incidence of pneumoconiosis accounts for over half of the number of occupational diseases reported in the whole country. The incidence rate is high. Br / >
pneumoconiosis itself has no specific clinical manifestations, and its clinical manifestations are mostly related to complications. When patients with respiratory tract infection, there will be chest tightness, chest pain, cough, expectoration, exertional dyspnea, respiratory function decline, seriously affect the quality of life, and repeated respiratory tract infection can accelerate the progress of the disease, and finally pulmonary heart disease, respiratory failure and death

what is the impact of haze on pneumoconiosis patients? Experts in the hospital told reporters that pneumoconiosis is a systemic disease that causes inhalation of dust and dust in the lung during occupation and inhalation in the lungs. The disease can damage the respiratory system and reduce the resistance of patients. * haze is composed of dust, sulfuric acid and nitric acid. These particles often carry bacteria and viruses and float in the air for a long time. The visible and unattainable “haze” can easily cause respiratory infection and make the condition of pneumoconiosis patients more acute

due to the low air pressure, low visibility and a large amount of dust and other toxic particles suspended in the air in haze weather, the expert advised pneumoconiosis patients to stay away from the road, because the concentration of pollutants is the highest during rush hours and when large cars enter the urban area at night, so they should try to speak less or wear masks; The elderly and children with weak resistance and susceptible people suffering from respiratory diseases should try to reduce going out or outdoor activities. When going out, they should wear masks to protect their bodies and prevent pollutants from invading their lungs from nose and mouth. After going out, they should immediately clean their faces and bare skin

at the same time, in foggy weather, doors and windows should be closed tightly to prevent outdoor fog from entering the room, polluting the indoor air and inducing the occurrence of acute respiratory tract infection

in addition, the expert reminds us that in order to develop a reasonable living habit, we should drink more water in our daily life, avoid excessive drinking and smoking cessation, pay attention to reasonable nutrition, eat a light diet, eat less stimulating food, appropriately increase some protein (milk, eggs, lean meat) and foods rich in vitamin C (fresh fruits and vegetables), and supplement calcium and vitamin D when necessary

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