Poisoning and protection of common toxic gases in industry

People are injured by inhaling harmful gases in daily life. Portable gas detector, for example, in winter, the family uses coal stove for heating, and the air is not circulating enough; 1mproper use of pipeline gas and liquefied gas tank; The use of inferior decoration materials in room decoration will produce toxic and harmful gases, causing poisoning

first, the characteristics of toxic gas poisoning

after the body tissues and organs are affected by toxic gas, the normal physiological function appears disorder, which is called poisoning, and the phenomenon is called poisoning symptoms. Toxic gas poisoning has the following characteristics:

A. There are many ways of toxic gas poisoning

toxic gas can cause poisoning through inhalation, contact with mucous membrane (eyes), contact with wound, skin irritation and other ways. 1n the air polluted by toxic gases, people will be poisoned if they don’t get away from the air quickly without protective measures< There are many factors affecting the severity of toxic gas poisoning the severity of poisoning is related to the environment and the situation of the wounded< 1. The toxicity and toxic concentration of toxic gases are different. Combustible gas alarm, no matter the size of toxicity, the toxic gas in the air to reach a certain content, people will inhale poisoning. The degree of poisoning varies with the content of toxic gases in the air. 1t is usually expressed as toxic concentration in milligrams per cubic meter of air. Because of the high toxicity and concentration of toxic gas, people will suffer great harm

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