Police officers wear led sleeves to command super eye-catching

The Zhongli police station in Taoyuan County recently made led sleeves for the police on duty, which immediately became the most eye-catching focus on the street and ensured the police safety. The police station of Taoyuan County Government, Chungli branch, said today that more than 200 sets of LED sleeves have been specially made in order to effectively ease the rush of cars to and from work in Chungli City, and to take into account the safety of the police on duty and friendship

when the police wear the luminous LED sleeve on their arms, whether they wave their gestures or put their hands down, they can easily become the focus of passers-by’s eyes

the police said that in order to make the grass-roots police perform various duties more safely in the upcoming spring safety work, it is necessary to provide led cuffs for the police to wear from now on. 1t is believed that the driver should easily see the police and the volunteer traffic, so as to ensure smooth traffic and safety of people and vehicles

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