Policy measures to help China’s textile and clothing export expansion

Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce, said that this year, China’s import and export showed a gratifying positive growth. He expected the annual import and export volume to be close to US $2.2 trillion, a 16% year-on-year decrease< Chen Deming said that in 2010, China will improve and stabilize the policies and measures of foreign demand, accelerate the structural adjustment, develop the foreign trade mode, expand the import of domestic demand products, and promote the service export of the focus areas, in order to achieve "maintaining market share, adjusting results, and promoting balance" in foreign trade Chen Deming informed that in 2010, in the domestic and international markets, the business environment will change the fabric and its complex forms. The domestic economic recovery has maintained a good trend and has been consolidated, but the recovery will face more pressure of structural adjustment in 2010, the Ministry of Commerce has implemented a series of policies to stabilize exports, which has brought benefits to the textile and clothing export business. However, it is undeniable that the future export trend will be products with independent intellectual property rights, independent brands, high technology and high added value, while the traditional “two high and one resource” products (high energy consumption, high pollution and resource products) will more and more bear anti-dumping measures and be recalled in the international market therefore, enterprises should make full use of the national support policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, strive to change the existing production mode, and strengthen the development efforts of independent intellectual property rights, independent brands, high-tech and high value-added products. Only by this way can China’s exports continue information officer Chunliu

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