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The annual safety month has been invited, and many places have already opened a huge battle to welcome it. The theme of safety month in 2014 is “strengthening the awareness of red line and promoting safety development”. Too many theme activities have become mere formality. After the publicity month, everything is flat again. Safety month has come and become a strange circle. How can we implement and supervise it for a long time, That’s the top priority

China labor insurance network specially produces a special topic to track and record the footprints of safety month in 2014. The safety month will pass, and we hope that safety will be remembered in our mind< On May 16, the Security Committee Office of the State Council held a video conference on work safety month and work safety mobilization in 2014. Yang Dongliang, deputy director of the safety committee of the State Council, Secretary of the Party group of the State Administration of work safety, and director of the State Administration of work safety, pointed out that to do a good job in this year's national work safety month and work safety activities, we must first stick to the theme of "strengthening red line awareness and promoting safety development". The second is to seek practical results. Third, it should be well organized. Tang Guoqiang, the image ambassador of work safety and the famous artist, put forward the proposal of "work safety, start from me"< This year's "safety month" activities will pay more attention to the cultivation of the safety awareness of the young generation, and highlight the application of new media to carry out a series of characteristic activities the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau will work with the Publicity Department of the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, the provincial public security department, the provincial radio, film and Television Bureau, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the provincial Party committee of the Communist Youth League, the Provincial Women’s Federation, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, nanfang.com and other units to spread the awareness of safety in production among the young generation through new media such as the 1nternet, wechat group, and SMS. Through the “safety production month” activity, we will initially form six new forms and positions of new media publicity: gather a group of netizens who are concerned about safety production, establish a group of registered “safety production volunteers”, set up a wechat group of “children safety” forum, open up a main position of network publicity, and establish some typical safety management enterprises, Secure a number of mobile phone users who accept production safety information “work safety month” activity media briefing through this month’s theme activities, all localities should further strengthen the awareness of “red line” in various fields, combine work safety publicity with the current construction of civilized cities, closely link with people’s lives, and combine with the characteristics of seasons to carry out publicity, so as to resolutely curb major accidents, Promote the safe development of the whole city, and provide strong ideological guarantee, spiritual power and public opinion support the Ministry of agriculture launched the “safe production month” in Beijing in 2014. Bi Meijia, chief economist of the Ministry of agriculture, director of the general office of the Ministry of agriculture and deputy director of the work safety committee of the Ministry of agriculture, presided over the launching ceremony and made arrangements for the “work safety month” activities and recent work safety. He stressed the importance of studying and implementing general secretary Xi Jinping’s important work on safety production throughout his activities, further strengthening the consciousness of “red line” and promoting the development of safety. We should start with the system and mechanism, comprehensively find out the work loopholes, thoroughly investigate and manage the potential safety hazards, and gradually establish a long-term mechanism for safe production; 1t is necessary to do a solid job in safety production in flood season in combination with activities< Song Antong, a member of the Party group of Kunming Administration of work safety and Secretary of the general Party branch, said that the publicity of work safety month should have such a feeling: "people can feel that it is work safety month if they sit down and have a look." He said frankly that the safety production month in Kunming has been 13 years. Sometimes, there will be safety production accidents in the safety production publicity month, which leads to the unsafe safety production month. The propaganda mode of work safety month is still not popular, and some units still don't pay enough attention to it. 1n the past 13 years, relevant rewards for work safety month have been set up every year, ranging from 1000 yuan to 30000 yuan. But so far this year, none of these bonuses have been paid out let the “safety production month” give birth to the “annual safety fever” the 13th National safety production month with the theme of “strengthening the red line awareness and promoting safety development” is coming. How to use the new connotation of work safety month to promote the whole year’s safety fever and promote the continuous and stable improvement of work safety situation of all enterprises in China? The author believes that “safety month” can only do a good job in production safety by combining the local and the unit’s actual production safety, carefully organizing, taking solid actions and paying attention to the effect more and more activities are going through formality. People know that it’s safety month where they go in June, but what is the so-called safety month and how to do it? How to deeply plant the concept of safety is the problem we need to consider “safety month” can not be replaced by just one slogan, nor by just a few meetings and wechat. Safety month for all and safety fever throughout the year are our goals. Through this issue, we can see the driving force and policy guidance of the government and other places. We hope that after the safety month, what we will gain is not only a summary, but also the continuation and extension of this activity this website solemnly declares: This article is the original article of the website, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source

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