Popularize rescue knowledge to ensure health and safety

1n order to prevent the occurrence of common diseases and occupational diseases, reduce the injury caused by untimely rescue of accidents, popularize the personal safety emergency treatment knowledge of emergencies. Recently, the activity of “popularizing rescue knowledge and ensuring health and safety” in Wuhan communication section entered the front line of employees. All off-duty employees in all workshops participated in the activity, and professionals from Hubei science and education center were invited to give lectures

in the process of training, the lecturers of science and Education Center explained the emergency treatment of sudden accidents, on-site emergency rescue knowledge, emergency treatment of sudden diseases, prevention of common occupational diseases, prevention and treatment of current common chronic diseases, self adjustment of mental health and sub-health with vivid courseware, painful examples and simple language. Under the guidance of professionals from the science and education center, the participants in the main venue used simulation models to carry out the actual training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and further mastered the skills of first aid. The vivid training of emergency rescue knowledge benefited the cadres and workers

“through the training, the concept of emphasizing treatment over prevention has been changed, and the awareness of self rescue and disease prevention has been improved. We will further strengthen the training and popularization of emergency rescue and disease prevention knowledge.” Attending and organizing the training, director of Duan safety dispatching department told the author

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