Post 80s girls send flash vest to sanitation workers

A few days ago, Xu Tinghui, a girl born in 1980s in Zhengzhou, took out part of her year-end bonus and bought 600 pairs of gloves for the sanitation workers, which shocked many people. Yesterday, Xu Tinghui was commended at the company’s annual meeting and won a 2000 yuan bonus. She immediately donated another 2000 yuan bonus, and her colleagues also donated money one after another, bringing together more than 40000 yuan. They will buy explosion flash environmental sanitation reflective clothing for environmental sanitation workers, and do their best to improve the safety situation of environmental sanitation workers

yesterday, Xu Tinghui’s real estate company held an annual meeting, and the company commended and awarded Xu Tinghui 2000 yuan. Xu Tinghui handed out gloves to sanitation workers in the street, which was reported by Dahe newspaper, and colleagues only knew. Afterwards, many colleagues told Xu Tinghui on wechat that they would also take out part of the year-end bonus to do some public welfare. 1n just two days, 25 people in Xu Tinghui’s Department donated more than 40000 yuan. “1 didn’t expect that a small move would have such a big impact,” Xu said

the working environment of sanitation workers is dangerous. Many media have called for improving the quality of reflective vests for sanitation workers and using more eye-catching flash vest. Xu Tinghui said that the more than 40000 yuan raised by her colleagues will be used to purchase flash vest. She plans to purchase 500 to 1000 sets, and strive to send them to the sanitation workers five years ago. 1n addition, Xu Tinghui and her colleagues also set up a love fund to do something for the vulnerable groups

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