3M quiet series earplugs 6 sets of boxed, high noise reduction bullet earplugs

How to wear
In order to insert the earplugs into the right position, you need to rub the earplugs thinly before wearing them and insert them into the ear canal as soon as possible.
Before inserting the earplugs into the ear canal, pull the auricle up and out and insert it into the earplugs
After the earplugs swell, the effect can be exerted.
Wearing effect: It can be seen from the ear mold that the fit is high at this time and the sound insulation effect is good.

¢Ù Please read and before use Understand the instructions for use, understand the scope of application of the product, how to wear and how to use it.
¢ÚWhen there is a danger of hooking or winding, it is prohibited to use earplugs with connecting ropes.
¢ÛIncorrect wearing of earplugs, or failure to keep wearing them during noise exposure,
may lead to failure of protection and cause hearing loss or hearing damage.
¢ÜIf you have ear canal inflammation and other diseases, please consult your doctor before using earplugs.
¢ÝThis product is not washable. When the earplugs are dirty or damaged, they should be replaced in time.
Wearing unclean earplugs will have the risk of ear canal inflammation.
¢ÞDo not modify the hearing protector privately, modify the shape of earplugs, drill holes, cut off the connecting wires, etc.
¢ßWhen not in use, keep the hearing protector in a close environment.
This product is not edible, please put earplugs out of the reach of babies or young children.
Use scene

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