3M’s branch area Scotch brand-scouring pad

The Scotch brand
, a branch of 3M, mainly produces and sells cleaning products in daily life. Now its field includes a series of products such as wipes, mops, and brushes. Its products have become a good helper for Chinese housewives in housework. Scotch is so popular with everyone because of its super cleaning ability. For example, one of Scotch’s products “scouring pad”, which uses special abrasive particles to remove all kinds of stubborn oil stains. In the process of use, it can also effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and protect our health. It also has a portable appearance style-butterfly design, this design is not only beautiful, but also easy to grasp. It can also choose different models according to different bowls, which is very practical.

Clothing hair removal
Clothes are clearly worn, and
is stained with a lot of fine hair.
You can’t wash it off,
It’s a lot of trouble to pull it off one by one.
What should I do?
Take out a clean scouring pad,
Use the rough side to stick the sweater Keep wiping the object,
can easily remove the hair without leaving any troubles!
Needle insertion
After doing the handwork and sewing the clothes, the
needle location is also a problem.
Put it directly into the Bacchus,
Find a good home for each needle.
Nail pull pad
I want to pull out the nails, but
leaves a lot of marks of hammers.
The indentation on the tabletop can also be selectively ignored.
If it is from the wall Pull the nail,
The pits and pits left are enough to make people feel sad.
Hurry up and take out the scouring pad!
Use the scouring pad to pad the claw hammer.
After the stubborn nail is pulled out,
the desktop and wall will not leave marks.
Wash fruits and vegetables
Cucumbers have barbs,
sweet potatoes have dust on the surface,
peaches have hairy skin
Use a scouring pad on the rough side
Scrub the fruits and vegetables repeatedly,
Half a minute to get it.
Soap pad
Wash your hands with soap and spray the fragrance to make it clean,
But if you don’t pay attention, the soap will slide out of the box.
Is there any good way to place the soap?
I still use a scouring pad!
Prepare a dry scouring pad,
put the wet soap on the sponge,
absorb water well , Strong stability,
No longer have to be afraid of slippery hands~
Refrigerator deodorization
Fridges that have been used for a long time are prone to odors.
Try the strong combination of scouring pad and baking soda.
Sprinkle the baking soda evenly on the sponge of the scouring pad,
put it on the upper layer of the refrigerator,
ensure that it is fragrant and odorless for two months.

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