A pair of “ugly” safety shoes

In our subway work, as long as you have direct contact with the tram, whether you are a subway repairer, a repairer or a driver, you will have such a pair of protective shoes. Although it looks ugly and “ugly”, it is unique. Different because it bears a lot of responsibility.
This is a pair of shoes that make us subway maintenance people feel at ease. It can protect us from accidents at work. It is one of the safest tools for us subway people. Work is the most practical: under the scorching sun, in the dark tunnel, it accompanies every subway person, trampling and rubbing in the stock roads of the reservoir area, it is the most trusted brother of every subway person.
In normal life, you will definitely not drag such a pair of heavy labor insurance shoes to the streets, but for most of the year, as a maintenance person, you can only “bite the bullet” and wear labor insurance. Shoes, especially for some female colleagues, this is distressing. You can’t wear the beautiful high heels you keep at home, nor can you wear sneakers and sports shoes that show your youthful personality. It seems that in normal times, you can only accompany yourself with such a simple pair Safety shoes for skin and a solid body.
This pair of ordinary and heavy shoes is called labor protection shoes because of its good insulation properties, puncture resistance and acid and alkali resistance. In our subway operation and production line, there are various electrical equipment, track gates, anchor bolts, etc., which can not only prevent electric shock accidents within a certain range, but also protect our operators from being injured by sharp objects.
A pair of protective shoes, born with the mission to protect the safety of our first-line workers in subway operations. Every day we work, every step we take, will be under its protection. Although the appearance is plain and plain, and it looks a little clumsy to wear, we never complain, because we all know that safety shoes are everyday Good comrades fighting alongside themselves.

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