Anti-smashing and anti-piercing safety shoes-explosive recommended

Xiaohui selected an explosive safety shoe from the cooperative brands. The order number is: Shengdun SD-6-6018-41. According to the brand description, its functions are as follows:
Anti-smashing, anti-piercing, Non-slip, wear-resistant, breathable, and odor-resistant
The sole is a curved outsole, which is very comfortable to walk.
Big brand, high-end design, this shoe will help protect workers, comfort and work efficiency after replacement , The workers deserve a pair of hands.

The editor did a test before, and the car was pressed on the foot, and the shoes were compression-resistant without damage.

The hardness of the toe cap prevents smashing a little bit, and it can protect the foot very well.
The anti-puncture is also just a drop.

The sole is thick and anti-slip is better.

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