Behavioral Safety Observation-Personal Protective Equipment

Case sharing
At 11 am on July 27, 2010, a technician in the packaging department of a unit, Tan Moumou, conducted a process inspection at the entrance of the sterilizer and found a bottle of “half bottle of wine, picking it out without wearing anti-cut gloves.” When the bottle exploded, causing scratches to the left hand. Department staff immediately bandaged it to stop the bleeding and sent it to the hospital for treatment. After the doctor’s examination, the wound was treated with stitches. To prevent infection, the doctor recommended hospitalization for observation and treatment.
2010 At around 9:00 on August 2, 2005, Ye Moumou, the assistant director of the packaging department of a certain unit, was inspecting the workshop. A bottle of wine was poured on the wine conveyor belt of the labeling machine. When Ye Moumou reached out to hold the wine bottle, the wine bottle happened It burst and the fragments injured his lips. He was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment and sutured with six stitches.
At 23:08 on April 27, 2012, Wang Mou, a first-line filling worker in the packaging department of a certain unit, performed CIP scrubbing and alkali operations. Wear labor protection equipment. The local face and left arm burns due to hot alkaline lye spray. After diagnosis by the hospital, hospitalization is required.
What kind of personal protective equipment do you need to wear in your position?
Personal protective equipment
General labor protection productsSpecial labor protection products

Main protective measures
Guarantee quality, safe and reliable, and wear comfortable and convenient, economical and durable
Related laws
April 1996 On the 23rd, the Ministry of Labor issued the “Management Regulations on Labor Protection Products” (Ministry of Labor [1996] No.138)
Personal Protective Equipment
Observation Note: From head to toe

Observation skills reminder:
Understand the employees’ ongoing operations and safety requirements
Observe the employees’ operations and the PP used by them
Confirm whether the PE used by the employees is suitable for the job and is used correctly
Check whether the PPE is damaged
Discuss work procedures and required actions with employees

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