Can safety helmets replace electric vehicle helmets?

Although safety helmets and safety helmets are both head protection products and have the same basic functions, they are not interchangeable.

Why can’t it be substituted?
Different shapes have different functions. Safety helmet on the left, electric car helmet on the right.

Safety helmet refers to a hat that protects the head from injuries caused by falling objects and other specific factors.
The helmet is composed of a cap shell, a cap liner, a chin strap and accessories. The application scenario is limited to industrial production, in addition to impact resistance, but also puncture resistance. In addition to these two points, special safety helmets also have electrical insulation, flame retardant, antistatic, low temperature and high temperature resistance properties.
From the appearance, the main protection is the top of the head and surroundings. Electric bicycle helmet is a hat that protects the head of electric bicycle riders from injuries caused by external force impact and other factors. An electric vehicle helmet is composed of a cap shell, a cap lining, a chin strap, a windshield lens and accessories. The application scenario is limited to bicycle or electric bicycle riding (motorcycle should wear a full-cover helmet). From the appearance point of view, the cap shell part can protect the entire head, and the windshield lens can also prevent glare from the sun (non-transparent lens only) and block dust and flying insects encountered during riding.
How to choose an electric vehicle helmet?
1. In addition to the top lining and cap hoop inside a qualified electric vehicle helmet, there should be high-density foam between the two layers as a buffer layer.
2. When purchasing, check whether the helmet has a production license, look at the tag label to check the material, and squeeze it inward from the front, back and sides to see if the helmet is easily deformed.
3. When trying on, check whether the head and the inner lining fit together. After the buckle is closed, the cheeks are tight and not loose. If you purchase a full-cover helmet, you should not feel pressure on your ears when wearing it.
A good helmet is equivalent to a life-saving talisman. The helmet is as important as the safety helmet worn by the workers in industrial production for the electric bicycle rider. It is the last line of defense for the rider when encountering danger. You must wear a helmet when riding an electric bike, and you must wear a helmet in industrial production.
There are four main types of helmets on the market.

Full helmet: It protects all positions of the head, including the chin, and is the most protective helmet. But this kind of helmet has poor air permeability, so it’s better to say in winter, and it’s more stuffy in summer. If you often travel between urban and rural areas and often travel with cars on the road, you can consider this helmet.
3/4 helmet: This helmet only protects three-quarters of the head, so it got its name. It takes into account both protection and breathability, and is a relatively common helmet. If you want good protection, but not too boring, then choose it.
Half helmet: It is a relatively common helmet on the road at present. Although it is convenient to wear, it does not guarantee the safety of the driver, because it can only protect the safety of the head area. If you need to wear a helmet often, it is really convenient.
Flip-up helmet: It is a “supplement” of the full helmet. It can turn the chin device up completely, changing from a full helmet to a 3/4 helmet. For some cyclists with larger heads, it can be easily worn and protected by a full helmet.

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