Do different types of work need to be equipped with suitable disposable gloves?

How do workers choose a suitable pair of disposable gloves for themselves?
Of course, different types of work require different supporting equipment. Remember not to wear gloves when working with bench drills. So since it is a disposable glove, some netizens may feel that it doesn’t matter, just choose any, as long as it is not broken or can not be worn, others will do, but it is not.
According to the survey, when employers require employees to wear disposable gloves, workers may choose not to wear them if the size or material of the gloves is inappropriate.
Eisen Bernstein, an assistant professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, pointed out in his research report: Compared with the two situations where workers are supervised and unsupervised, they found that when the gloves do not fit, especially Workers are reluctant to wear gloves when gloves affect work efficiency. Source “Business Insider”.
In some cases, the staff only wear one glove, or remove the fingertips of the glove to speed up the work progress. This will bring health and safety risks to staff and consumers. For example: In the food processing industry, gloves can prevent the spread of food-borne diseases such as Listeria and Salmonella (etc.).

In addition, gloves protect consumers from poor working hygiene (affected).
Especially in the food processing industry, PVC and vinyl gloves will be widely used.
In Bernstein’s experiment, he noticed that the glove material was different. For example: latex or nitrile gloves, which can fit hands better than other materials, and are more suitable for gripping smaller parts.
Industrial production has schedule requirements. Wearing suitable gloves is very important. Therefore, employers must ensure that the gloves worn by workers fit their hands. Improper size will reduce comfort and increase the risk of (gloves) being torn. By finding gloves of the right material and following the correct way of wearing gloves, employers can ensure that workers comply with the requirements of the procedures (wearing gloves), and can protect the workers themselves and consumers.
If factory workers do not have a suitable pair of gloves, they may wear gloves by mistake, putting themselves at safety risk.

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