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The vast majority of citizens are not equipped with fire emergency facilities in their homes. Not only that, most citizens also say that they are not very good at using the fire safety facilities equipped in residential communities and work units. To this end, the following introduces the “eighteen weapons of escape” suitable for various places and explains the operating skills.

[Professional Type]Five major firefighting parts. Only when standing ready can you talk about firefighting equipment. The most familiar one must be the fire extinguisher. Regardless of whether it is used by a unit or a family, fire extinguishers are an essential piece for fire safety considerations.
In daily fire drills into communities and schools, fire officers and soldiers also repeatedly demonstrated how to use fire extinguishers, that is, removing the lead seal, unplugging the safety pin, holding the nozzle in one hand, and pressing the handle in the other, and aiming Press down hard on the fire.
In addition to fire extinguishers, what other “escape weapons” can be kept?
The five most basic fire-fighting facilities are independent smoke alarms, fire emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, fire axes, and escape ropes.
So, how do these “escape weapons” work? ¡ª¡ª

*Escape mask
According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of fire deaths are caused by smoke poisoning or asphyxiation after burning. Wearing reliable anti-smoke and anti-virus breathing devices and using evacuation routes to safely escape from danger can greatly reduce the number of fire deaths.
Fire-fighting filter self-rescue respirator (also known as smoke-proof gas mask, fire escape mask) is a special breathing device that protects the human respiratory organs from external toxic gases. It uses the medicine and filter in the canister The smoke element filters out the toxic components in the air at the fire site and turns it into cleaner air for breathing by the escapees.

*Fire blanket
Not every single spark will burn into a big fire. The premise is to find out in time and use effective fire protection equipment. Fire blanket is a very useful fire fighting equipment.
The fire blanket can be used as a fire extinguishing tool, but also as a protective tool. When a fire source is found, the fire blanket should be opened in time, covered on the fire source, and extinguished by blocking the air from entering. It can be covered on the body when saving people to reduce the damage to the human body caused by the fire.

*Fire axe (fire waist axe)
Fire axe is a tool to clean up fire or flammable materials, cut off the spread of fire, and can also split doors and windows that have been burnt and deformed to rescue trapped people.
The function of the fire-fighting waist axe is the same as above, but the model is slightly smaller than that of the fire-fighting axe, and it is convenient to carry.

*Smoke alarms
According to statistics, from 2010 to 2014, there were 448,000 fires in residences, dormitories and other residential places and nursing homes across the country.
The smoke alarm has the effect of significantly reducing fire casualties. It can detect the smoke generated during a fire and issue an alarm in time. Some smoke alarms can also achieve wireless remote alarms.
Fire officers and soldiers suggested that high-level residents recommend installing smoke alarms in their homes.

*Escape rope
Escape rope, as the name suggests, is used for escape. After selecting a fixed point, fix one end of the escape rope or escape ladder on a solid object, such as a window, table leg, etc., and then secure The belt is wrapped around the user’s hips, waist or underarms, and the elastic buckle is tightened for safety. Throw the escape rope downstairs along the window, then put on protective gloves, hold the escape rope with both hands and slowly descend.

[Household type] Fire emergency kit, you deserve it. Generally speaking, a fire extinguisher is enough at home, but we would recommend more equipped with a fire emergency kit. Although smoke detectors and other fire-fighting equipment will be installed in newly-built residential buildings, it is still recommended that families be equipped with basic escape equipment, such as emergency lights, escape masks, escape ropes, fire axes, etc. These small objects are a fire emergency The bag is there.
It is reported that the fire emergency kits on the market are basically equipped with a glare flashlight, gas mask, fire blanket, escape rope, fire waist axe, fire gloves and fire belt.

“Escape weapons” look for anti-counterfeiting signs. These escape weapons sound so powerful, where can I buy them?
All fire-fighting equipment can be bought in the market, which is not only convenient to purchase, but also inexpensive.
For citizens who like to shop online, the happiest thing is that you can buy fire-fighting emergency kits and other fire-fighting equipment on the powerful Taobao.

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