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As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but the same industrious hands cannot ignore protection. Many people think that hand protection products are not gloves? Yes, hand protection is indeed gloves, but there are more sub-categories than foot protection sub-categories, and different application scenarios require the use of corresponding gloves. Today, Xiaohui will introduce to you all kinds of hand protection products, as shown in the figure below:

As can be seen from the figure above, there are 12 major categories and 36 small categories of hand protection products. It is convenient for everyone to distinguish, Xiaohui directly recommends a representative product in 36 sub-categories, and attaches the characteristics and applicable scenarios to facilitate everyone to distinguish and purchase.
1. Disposable gloves. Disposable PE gloves.
Brand: Emas
Features: PE material, powder-free, transparent
Applicable scenarios: catering industry, food processing
Disposable PVC gloves
Brand: Ansell
Features: PVC material, powder-free, transparent, oil-proof, stretch-resistant
Applicable scenarios: catering industry, food processing, household cleaning, landscaping
One-time Ding Nitrile rubber gloves
Brand: Emas
Features: Nitrile material, powder-free, pitted surface, blue, thickened, anti-corrosion, puncture resistance
Applicable scenarios: experimental chemistry, industrial manufacturing, Medical inspection, auto repair industry, beauty salon, food processing
Disposable latex gloves
Brand: Emasi
Features: natural latex material, powder-free, hemp surface, light yellow, high elasticity
Applicable scenarios: household cleaning, mechanical repair, landscaping, beauty salons, furniture repairs, industrial applications
Reminder: Those who are allergic to latex should choose carefully
Disposable rubber gloves
Brand: Ansell
Features £ºNatural rubber material, powder-free, white, oil-proof, acid and alkali resistance, good air permeability
Applicable scenarios: electronics industry, medical industry, hairdressing industry, scientific research experiment, pet grooming, household cleaning, food processing
2 , General gloves yarn gloves
Brand: Gongdunfang
Features: yarn material, white, wear-resistant, non-slip, breathable
Application scenarios: power engineering, factories, construction, handling
cotton gloves
Brand: Haitaier
Features: 100% cotton material, off-white, wear-resistant, non-slip, sweat-absorbent
Application scenarios: handling, maintenance, machinery manufacturing
Polyester gloves
Brand: Honey Weir
Features: polyester material, white, silicone-free, anti-fouling
Application scenarios: precision work
Canvas gloves
Brand: Haitaier
Features: special canvas material, white, resistant Grinding
Application scenarios: metal stamping, automobile assembly, appliance manufacturing, shipment and receipt
Nylon gloves
Brand: 3M
Features: back nylon material, palm nitrile material, gray, non-slip, wear-resistant
Application scenarios: vehicle beauty, heavy object handling, barbecue activities, gardening operations, outdoor sports, maintenance operations, fishing activities, manual labor, vehicle driving
point plastic gloves
Brand: Delta
Features: cotton-polyester blended material, PVC point plastic, wear-resistant, non-slip, and tear-resistant
Application scenarios: construction, express delivery, machinery, farming, driving, gardening, maintenance, assembly
leather gloves
brand : Delta
Features: hand back cotton canvas, palm leather material, gray + blue, wear-resistant, puncture-resistant, sweat-absorbent and breathable,
Application scenarios: handling, repair, shipyard, mechanical processing, animal husbandry, Laboratory
Coated Gloves
Brand: Honeywell
Features: Nylon knitting, fingertip PU coating, silicone-free
Application scenario: precision mechanical parts , Electronic installation, photo printing, optical products, microelectronics and micro-mechanical parts and other fine operations
3, sleeve sleeve cloth sleeve sleeve
Brand: 3M
Features: 70D nylon material, no hand guards, UV protection UPF50+, sweat absorption, windproof, quick-drying, low friction, non-slip
Application scenarios: gardening and picking, express delivery, industrial work, outdoor activities
non-woven sleeves
Brand: Jiufeng
Features: TPU material, blue, oil resistant, waterproof
Application scenarios: household cleaning, catering industry
4. Mechanical gloves Mechanical gloves
Brand: Sailite
Features: Stair cloth lining, super Fiber palm surface, washable
Application scenarios: chemical industry, food processing, petroleum industry, automobile industry, power industry, machinery and equipment, construction sites, metal processing industry, glass industry, sports
5, cold protection gloves Work gloves
Brand: Ansell
Features: flocking cotton lining, nitrile coating, cold protection, waterproof, food contact, Ansell grip technology
Application scenarios: cold storage, cold storage, Automobile transportation, metal processing, mechanical equipment, petroleum processing and refining, chemical industry, recycling industry, agricultural cultivation
cold and waterproof gloves
Brand: Sailite
Features: stair cloth lining, TPR coating, cold protection , Waterproof, washable
Application scenarios: chemical industry, food processing, petroleum industry, automotive industry, power industry, machinery and equipment, construction sites, metal processing industry, glass industry
low temperature liquid nitrogen protective gloves
brand £ºLaoweishi
Features: low temperature resistant material, suitable for 0¡æ to -250¡æ, waterproof, anti-liquid nitrogen splash
Application scenarios: biomedicine, biological body medicine, laboratory research, industrial field, frozen food processing
6. Heat-insulating gloves Heat-insulating gloves
Brand: Delta
Features: TAEKI material, anti-cutting, cowhide cuffs, high temperature resistance 250¡æ to 300¡æ within 15 seconds, wear resistance, tear resistance[ br] Application scenarios: handling, repair, shipyards, mechanical processing, animal husbandry, laboratories
7, cut-resistant gloves, cut-resistant gloves
Brand: 3M
Features: polyethylene + nylon material, palm Nitrile coating, non-slip, wear-resistant, cut-resistant grade 5, breathable
Application scenarios: glass processing, meat segmentation, garbage sorting, petrochemical, disaster relief, smelting and mining
wire gloves
Brand: Sai Lite
Features: Micro-plasma stainless steel welding chain mesh, German plasma welding technology, anti-puncture, high toughness, machine washable,
Application scenarios: food industry, agricultural planting, garbage sorting, electronics industry, medical industry , Scientific research experiment
Anti-cutting arm guard
Brand: Haitaier
Features: Double layer anti-cutting yarn material, yellow
Application scenarios: glass industry, automobile industry, high-risk industry
8 , Chemical resistant gloves PVC gloves
Brand: Ansell
Features: Flocking lining Lining, PVC full coating, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-slip
Application scenarios: chemical processing, forestry, mining, natural gas, petrochemicals, chemicals
PVA gloves
Brand: Ansell
Features: cotton lining, PVA full coating, resistance to organic solvents
Application scenarios: chemical processing, petrochemical, natural gas industry, electronics industry
Latex gloves
Brand: Shida
Features: mixed cotton Lining, palm latex coating, non-slip, anti-tear
Application scenarios: chemical industry, petroleum industry, automobile industry, electric power industry, machinery and equipment, construction site
Reminder: Those who are allergic to latex should choose carefully
Natural Rubber gloves
Brand: Ansell
Features: Natural rubber material, chemical resistance, tear resistance, hypoallergenic, non-slip
Application scenarios: housework, cleaning, car washing, maintenance, meat product prices, planting , Spraying, fertilizing
Nitrile rubber gloves
Brand: Honeywell
Features: cotton lining, nitrile material, wear resistance, cut resistance, hydrocarbon resistance, acid and alkali resistance
Application scenarios: petrochemicals, fine chemicals, degreasing, chemical treatment
Neoprene gloves
Brand: Ansell
Features: double-layer thermal insulation lining, neoprene coating, chemical protection, high temperature resistance 180¡æ
Application scenarios: automobile transportation, food processing, catering services, oil, natural gas chemical, cleaning, metal processing
Butyl rubber gloves
Brand: Ansell
Features: N/A+¶¡Base polymer material, super chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance
Application scenarios: automobile transportation, metal processing, petroleum, natural gas chemical industry
Fluorinated rubber gloves
Brand: Sailite
Features: Fluorine Chemical rubber material, chemical resistance, anti-permeation
Application scenarios: chemical industry, scientific research experiment
Composite membrane gloves
Brand: Ansell
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Features: 5-layer composite Film, chemical protection
Application scenarios: automobile transportation, machinery and equipment, first-line first responders, metal processing, petroleum, natural gas chemical industry, pharmaceuticals
9, insulated gloves, insulated gloves
Brand: Safety Brand
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Features: natural rubber material, insulation, verification voltage 12KV, maximum AC voltage 8000V
Application scenarios: electrical, electrician, electrical maintenance
10, fire gloves, fire gloves
Brand: Lao Guard
Features: flame retardant, heat insulation, waterproof, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-static, oil resistance, reflective back of the hand
Application scenario: fire rescue
11, special purpose gloves, dry box gloves[br ] Brand: Serite
Features: Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber material, acid and alkali resistance
Application scenarios: semiconductors, solvents, electroplating processing, glass manufacturing, batteries, laboratories, soda water industry
12 , Glove accessories, glove dispenser
Brand: Aceray
Features: Imported acrylic material
Size: 3 50¡Á300¡Á200mm

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