Head protection | Safety protection starts from the “head”

Head protection | Safety protection starts from the “head”
In the construction environment, there are often dangerous situations such as falling objects and heavy objects dumping, which are always threatening the lives of workers. Safety protection is not limited to limb protection (review foot protection and hand protection), but also needs to start from the “head”. Today, Xiaohui will introduce you to the full range of head protection products, as shown in the figure below:

As can be seen from the figure above, there are not only helmets, which are well-known head protection products, but also There are accessories and other types of products, such as: safety helmet accessories, disposable hair caps, non-woven caps, dispensers.

Xiaohui compiled the answers to some questions, such as: What are the colors of the helmet? What are the shell materials? What are the differences?
1. What are the materials of the helmet shell? Features?
The material of the helmet shell is generally divided into PE, PP, ABS, and FRP. The characteristics are as follows:
(1) PE: low temperature resistance (minimum -100¡æ to -70¡æ), good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, insoluble in solvents, good electrical insulation.
(2) PP: Working temperature is -30¡æ to +140¡æ, light weight, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability, and easy to age.
(3) ABS: working temperature is -50¡æ to +70¡æ, high strength, good toughness, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.
(4) FRP: Good insulation, high temperature resistance, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. It is suitable for special industries such as mining, petrochemical industry, smelting and high temperature.
2. What are the colors of helmets? What are the differences?
There are many colors of helmets, and they are used in different industries. Here is an example of common construction sites. The colors of construction site helmets are generally divided into yellow, blue, white, and red. The difference is as follows:
(1) Yellow helmet: generally an ordinary worker.
(2) Blue helmet: generally a technician.
(3) White safety helmet: generally the supervisor/Party A.
(4) Red safety helmets: generally management/visitors.
3. What should I pay attention to when buying a helmet?
(1) First of all, you must look for the LA safety protection logo (green sticker), and try to choose products from well-known brands. After-sales protection is guaranteed.
(2) Secondly, different workplaces use different helmets. Such as underground, mining, live, fire and other operating sites, must choose the matching special technical performance safety helmets, do not use the safety helmets used in general operating places, so as to avoid serious personal injury and death accidents.
(3) Finally, consider the factors such as wearing comfort and appearance design of the helmet.

Finally, the editor recommends: the domestic brand-Shuangli helmets, the quality is satisfactory, and each helmet has LA safety protection and safety license number stickers. With such a good brand and product, Xiaohui can’t help recommending a few high cost-effective helmets to you!

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