How are good safety shoes produced?

When purchasing labor protection products, consumers often care about price and brand issues most. At present, most of the well-known labor insurance footwear brands sold in China belong to foreign brands. In fact, all foreign brand labor insurance shoes are processed by labor insurance shoe manufacturers in China. The workmanship and selection of raw materials are essentially the same as those of Chinese labor insurance shoe manufacturers. There is no difference, but the price difference is very big, sometimes the price of foreign brands is even double that of domestic labor insurance shoe brands. Why is the price gap so big? It is mainly caused by the brand effect of labor insurance shoes.

What is the difference between the brand and price of labor insurance shoes? How are good labor insurance shoes produced? The price of labor insurance shoes is mainly based on the main raw materials of the shoes + the function of the labor insurance shoes + the fine workmanship + the company established The brand image of labor insurance shoes is determined, and the selection of various raw materials for protective equipment is very important. Various combinations of different materials can be selected in different labor places and worker environments.
The main components of the raw materials of labor insurance shoes are concentrated in three parts: upper, lining and sole.
1. Sole
The sole is made of different materials according to its function. At present, the commonly used materials are polyurethane (PU), plastic sole (PVC), EVA+rubber combination molded sole, natural rubber sole, etc. Sometimes, in order to make the performance of the sole (such as wear resistance) better, these materials will be combined with each other. For example, the combination of polyurethane (PU) and rubber will make the sole more superior in wear resistance. In particular, soles with special functions, insulated shoes or anti-static labor protection shoes, need to be manufactured according to their functions. For example, static shoes must require the soles to comply with the relevant national standards for anti-static labor protection shoes.
2. Shoe upper
There are many leather materials used to make shoe uppers, mainly artificial cowhide and natural cowhide. Natural leather usually has buffalo leather, pigskin, sheepskin, yellow leather, etc. These are expensive and are usually used to produce high-end labor protection leather shoes. They are comfortable and breathable when worn, and the upper has superior folding resistance.
3. Lining
It is used to make shoe lining materials similar to upper materials, mainly divided into leather lining and BK mesh lining. The leather lining design has the advantages of breathability, sweat absorption and wear resistance than BK mesh lining.

Different labor insurance footwear brands, fine workmanship, different combinations of raw materials and functions all determine the price of shoes. There may be labor insurance shoes of similar styles on the market, but the price may vary greatly. This is the reason.
So it is recommended that our consumers must consider comprehensively when buying shoes, and make the best choice based on the specific working environment and protection needs of the workers. It is true that the most classic Chinese saying “you get what you pay for” is that the cheapest is definitely not the best, and the best is certainly not cheap. Relatively speaking, it depends on the cost-effectiveness of labor insurance shoes.

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