How to choose protective glasses? How protective is the protective glasses worth more than ten yuan?

How to choose protective glasses?
In the entire eye and face protection product system, protective glasses are the most widely used. Protective glasses are not only suitable for industrial environments, but also for daily life. For example, riding, climbing, etc. require a wind-proof and UV-proof glasses. So how to choose professional protective glasses?

Before buying protective glasses, you must first think about what you are buying to resist. For example, experimenters need chemical and splash-proof protective glasses to withstand unexpected chemical splashes; frosted workers need shock- and dust-proof protective glasses to withstand the flying impact of various iron sand and gravel; outdoor riding needs wind and UV protection Protective glasses to resist the inconvenience caused by the blazing sun.
In short, you only need to follow one principle when choosing protective glasses: buy them on demand.
How about the protective power of 3M protective glasses with more than ten yuan?
Many friends are not very familiar with the anti-fogging and anti-impact functions of protective glasses. Xiaohui will give an example to explain.
The anti-fog protective glasses can ensure our clear vision in environments with a large difference between cold and heat, such as entering a warm room from a cold outdoor (many friends who wear myopic glasses should have a deep understanding).
Anti-impact protective glasses can protect your eyes when facing high-speed particles. For example, a lot of iron filings will be generated during frosting. These iron filings will damage our eyes in minutes, so we need to wear them to prevent impact Protective glasses.
The performance of 3M protective glasses is great whether it is anti-fog or anti-impact! Xiaohui has selected several 3M hot-selling protective products for everyone to buy~

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