How to choose suitable work gloves

Due to the various working environments, workers may need disposable gloves that can be reused. Compared with ordinary disposable gloves, dipped gloves, dishwashing gloves, or household leather gloves may be the best choice for industrial applications in complex or difficult situations. Some gloves require better flexibility and greater protection than disposable gloves. You may need a stronger grip, a better temperature or better puncture resistance. The following is a complete list of work gloves and their uses:

Latex dipped gloves
In order to have a better grip, dipped gloves will have a material called polyester cotton. The inside of the glove is partially immersed in textured latex. These gloves can be used in situations that require a strong grip, such as industrial and household use. However, such gloves may not be suitable for people who are allergic to latex.
Nitrile dipped gloves
This type of glove is made of stretch nylon, and the outside of the glove is partially dipped in nitrile. This may be a better choice for those who cannot come into contact with latex due to allergies. Nitrile dipped gloves are seamless and textured gloves. This makes it easier to grasp.
Dishwashing gloves
In addition to washing dishes, they are also suitable for various uses at home, industrial facilities and commercial kitchens. Because of the longer 12-inch cuffs, they are also suitable for cleaning; because they have a thickness of 17 mm, they can protect the wearer’s hands. The large-area inner lining makes wearing more comfortable and increases palm friction.
Knitted work gloves
Brown or white knitted gloves are made of cotton and polyester. These gloves are available in two sizes. It is important to keep your hands warm when working in winter. The gloves have wool lining, which allows them to work in cold environments. In a dirty environment, brown color may be better.
Leather work gloves
AMMEX provides various types of leather gloves for various purposes. Unlined leather driving gloves will be more double when worn for a long time. They are made of grained leather, allowing the wing thumb to be worn alone. It is wise to choose unlined leather driving gloves. Because it allows machine operators to keep their hands comfortable when using the equipment; split leather gloves with rubber sleeves are heavy-duty protective gloves. The fleece lining on the palm keeps hands warm. The cuffs of rubber gloves can be worn easily. This kind of gloves is very helpful for garden work. Especially when holding tools and touching prickly plants. In addition, AMMEX provides split leather gloves with cuffs, which may be more suitable for people with latex allergies.
Cotton work gloves
These gloves are made of cotton and polyester and are very suitable for gardening and other gardening operations. They are made of a variety of materials, and the dual polyvinyl can provide better grip.
Work glove inner lining
The inner lining of cotton and nylon is available now. Workers can use these linings in other gloves or wear them directly. The inner lining of nylon gloves is hairless, which makes it more suitable for testing products on the assembly line; the inner lining of cotton gloves makes heavy work gloves more comfortable and more wear-resistant.

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