How to configure emergency kits for home and outdoor safety

In our daily life, there may be some unexpected situations that require the help of some emergency equipment, and the emergency kit is an essential equipment.
Is your emergency kit fully functional? Do you know how to use it? Now, I will introduce it to you.

Earthquake emergency kit configuration
(1)Water: For emergency, the amount of water used by the family for three days should be reserved. You can refer to the standard storage of 4 liters per person per day.
(2) Food: adequate preparation Canned food or dehydrated food, milk powder and canned juice for 72 hours. Dry cereals, fruits and unsalted dried fruits are good sources of nutrients.
(3) Lighting appliances: emergency hand-cranked flashlights and spare batteries, waterproof matches, candles (before using matches or candles, please make sure that there is no gas leak.)
(4) Portable radio: most phones will It will be unavailable or only for emergency use, so the radio will be your best source of information.
(5) Auxiliary materials and first aid manual for treatment of trauma: including first aid supplies such as dressing, hemostasis, fixation, wound treatment, etc., and a first aid manual for handling various trauma methods.
(6) Special supplies: such as medicines, spare glasses, contact lens care solution, hearing aid batteries, baby items, small wet wipes, toilet paper and other items needed by the family.
(7) Important documents and cash: to ensure that sufficient cash is available when the ATM, bank, and credit card systems fail. At the same time, keep copies of credit certificates, ID cards and some important documents, such as passbooks, insurance policies, and financial records.

Car emergency kit configuration
Safety hammer
Safety hammer is used for escape in car emergency situations. Pay attention to knocking the four corners of the car glass when knocking on the car glass.
Emergency tow rope
The tow strap is suitable for general car trailers, and the towed vehicle must not exceed 3 tons; the tow rope strap is bright orange, very eye-catching, and can remind passing vehicles at night.
Battery hits the firewire
When the car cannot be started without electricity, it can be used to start with the battery of another vehicle. The 2 meter long battery start line has a thicker core, which is suitable for gasoline engines with a displacement of less than 2500cc or diesel engine batteries with a displacement of less than 2000cc.
Car fuse
The function of the fuse is to protect the circuit and electrical equipment. When the vehicle is used, it is occasionally found that the headlights are not on or the wipers are missing. In this case, we should first suspect that the fuse is damaged Up.
Reflective vest
Wear it on the highway or at night, when seeking rescue or repairing a car, it can serve as a warning to passing vehicles and obtain safety.
Emergency raincoat
Wear in rainy or foggy conditions to prevent the clothes or head from getting wet. It can be used to provide insulation or wrapping under harsh conditions.
Fire emergency kit configuration
Fire emergency kit is usually used as a tool kit for people to take first aid to escape when a fire comes, so it is also called a fire emergency kit. There are generally three types of items in the bag, fire-fighting equipment supplies, escape tools, and simple handling of traumatic items.
What items should be packed in the fire emergency kit?
5 piece set: fire extinguisher (1kg), gas mask (self-rescue breathing apparatus), powerful searchlight, waist axe, emergency kit
7 piece set: Fire extinguisher (1kg), gas mask (self-rescue respirator), powerful searchlight, waist axe, fire rope, fire blanket fire hook, emergency kit
8-piece set: fire extinguisher (1kg), gas mask (self-rescue breathing apparatus), powerful Searchlight, waist axe, fire rope, fire hook, pure cotton flame retardant blanket, emergency kit
11-piece set: fire extinguisher (1kg), gas mask (self-rescue breathing apparatus), powerful searchlight, waist axe, fire rope, fire hook , Cotton flame-retardant blanket, police belt, reflective vest, baton, emergency kit
12-piece set: fire extinguisher (1kg), gas mask (self-rescue breathing apparatus), powerful searchlight, waist axe, fire rope, fire hook , Cotton flame-retardant blanket, police belt, reflective vest, baton, fire-fighting gloves, emergency kit
outdoor emergency kit configuration
1. Commonly used medicine: cold medicine, allergy medicine, antidiarrheal medicine, Fengyoujing, cooling oil, band-aids, Yunnan Baiyao, purple syrup, etc. The type and quantity of medicines can be determined according to the number of travel days. The longer the time and the more remote the location, the more complete the medicines should be brought, and the amount should be sufficient.
2. Personal medicine: If you suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, etc., you must not forget to bring life-saving medicine. For example, travelers with heart disease should prepare nitroglycerin and quick-acting Jiuxin pills in addition to not trying dangerous exercises.
3. Anti-gunpowder: Many travelers will have common symptoms such as swollen throat and blocked stool after arriving at the destination. At this time, the preparation of Niuhuang Jiedu Pills, Huanglian Shangqing Pills and other drugs can greatly eliminate your worries.
4. Altitude zone: Bring some anti-altitude sickness medicines, such as high altitude safety, rhodiola, etc. You can also prepare some medicines to reduce the intensity of altitude sickness, such as painkillers, motion sickness medicine, quick-acting cold medicine, aspirin, and oral glucose.
5. Dense forests and mountains: Deep mountains and old forests are the most frequent places where venomous snakes appear, so bringing antidote and elastic bandages is the best policy.
6. Red hot zone: heatstroke prevention medicine, Huoxiang Zhengqi pills, Rendan tablets, cooling oil, mosquito repellent oil, etc.
External medical equipment
Band-aid, gauze, elastic bandage, emergency blanket, etc.

Family emergency kit configuration
Emergency food
High-energy, high-nutrition military food that can be stored for 4 years. Such as military energy bars, compressed food, military canned food, military chocolate, and small molecule life-saving water that can be stored for three years.
Hygiene products
Hygiene products that can fix the fracture site and hemostatic bandage in time when suffering from traumatic fractures and bleeding, such as military splints, wound sticks, disinfectants with bactericidal function, antibacterial and prevention of skin diseases Clean package.
Self-rescue tools
Environmental friendly light water fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke-proof escape masks, insulation blankets, luminous storage escapes, wear-resistant gloves, life-saving spades, lighters and windproof and waterproof match candles.
Help tool
Help tool refers to emergency supplies that emit information such as light and sound, including whistles that can spread out about several hundred meters. Flashlight with alarm and radio functions.

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