How to deal with the high incidence of flu in spring? Do these 6 points to deal with easily

In March of Yangchun, heaven and earth are born, and everything is prosperous. The temperature starts to rise, and bacteria and viruses begin to grow and reproduce. Therefore, spring is the season for influenza. In the face of the high incidence of the new crown epidemic and the spring flu, how should we respond?
1. Pay attention to daily diet

Reasonable diet can improve self-immunity. A diet with more meat and less vegetables, too much calories, and excess fat is very harmful to the human body. It will weaken the function of the digestive system and reduce the body’s ability to resist viruses, allowing the flu virus to take advantage of it. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange a reasonable diet, with a balanced combination of protein, sugar, fat, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that help strengthen the body, and you can also add more foods rich in vitamin C to help improve immunity. In addition, the diet must be regular, not overeating, and be careful to drink more water, because it is more likely to cause virus attack after getting angry.
2. Pay attention to personal hygiene
Influenza virus is easy to be infected by touching items on the surface of the virus and then touching the nose and mouth. Experts say that about half of the flu cases are caused by hand contact, so It is very important to wash your hands frequently and keep your hands hygienic. You should also try to avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose with your hands. Do not simply rinse your hands under the faucet, but use bacteriostatic soap or bacteriostatic hand sanitizer to wash your hands carefully for as long as possible. Pay attention to wearing masks when going out, try to choose disposable medical masks or N95 masks.
3. Pay attention to personal exercise

Reasonably arrange some physical exercises, such as walking, running, climbing, playing ball, practicing Tai Chi, doing Zhonghua Tongluo exercises, etc., which can enhance physical fitness and improve the body’s resistance to virus invasion Ability. During the current epidemic period, it is not recommended to go out for exercise. You can choose indoor aerobic exercise. If you have equipment, you can use home treadmills and home walking machines. If you don’t have equipment, you can also choose indoor yoga and single aerobics.
Four, pay attention to adequate rest
People’s rest and sleep status will directly affect the level of resistance, so any activity should be moderate, maintain adequate sleep, try not to stay up late, and arrange to rest in time when you feel fatigued. Energetic is the ability to resist foreign evils.
Fifth, pay attention to air circulation

Influenza virus is a virus spread through the air, especially in a closed environment, it is easier to spread, so we should often open windows for ventilation, pay attention to keeping indoor air circulation, thereby reducing the room The concentration of the internal virus reduces the chance of human contact with the virus. Choose open-air or ventilated places as much as possible for the usual venues, avoid staying in a closed environment, go to less crowded public places, and if you must go out, be sure to wear a mask.
6. Pay attention to cold and warm
Spring is a time when the cold and warm alternates frequently. Because the human body cannot adapt to multiple changes in cold and warm, the resistance will decrease and it is susceptible to the invasion of influenza virus. You need to increase or decrease in time according to changes in temperature. clothes. It is cold in early spring, morning and evening, and special attention should be paid to adding clothes in the morning and evening, and changing thick quilts during sleep at night.

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