How to use alcohol protection products correctly?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a piece of news: The guy in Hangzhou used medical alcohol to wipe the surface of his body and clothing next to the high-power electric heater. Unexpectedly, the alcohol preheated and evaporated, igniting the clothing, and eventually caused severe burns to the entire guy.

This accident reminds us that while using alcohol for daily disinfection, we must also pay attention to the method of use to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

The following 9 key knowledge points for the correct use of alcohol disinfection, please remember to be careful.
1. The alcohol with a concentration of 75% is appropriate. If you buy alcohol with a concentration of 90%, please dilute it according to the instructions before use.
2. 75% alcohol cotton tablets can not only kill the virus more effectively, but also cheaper.
3. Wipe door handles, desktops, elevator buttons, etc. directly, and don’t spray them in the air or on the body.
4. It is not recommended to use alcohol to spray and disinfect clothes. If exposed to an open flame or static electricity, it may burn.
5. The indoor use of alcohol needs to ensure ventilation, keep away from high-temperature objects, and never contact with open flames.
6. Calling, smoking, using electric mosquito swatter, etc., cannot be performed immediately after spraying high-concentration alcohol.
7. Clean the surrounding flammable and combustible materials before use. Turn off the power before disinfecting the surface of the appliance.
8. Clean the used towels and other cleaning tools, and put them in a ventilated place to dry.
9. Keep alcohol at home away from fire and power sources. Use of uncovered containers is strictly prohibited.

I hope everyone can do the above nine points to prevent potential safety hazards caused by alcohol disinfection and protect their personal safety while preventing bacteria from taking advantage of opportunities. The epidemic is not over yet, Xiaohui also recommends some alcohol products to help everyone fight the epidemic.

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