Inventory of several major mainstream PPE brands

With the progress of society and the improvement of civilization, more and more companies are willing to equip their employees with professional protective equipment. With the increase of income level, self-employed workers are also willing to purchase high-quality protective equipment spontaneously.
In the field of personal protective equipment, many brands have sprung up like stars, and quickly occupy the mid-range and low-end civilian markets.
Let’s take a look at the following shining brands!

In this epidemic, you will see that the masks worn by major media, experts, and leaders are basically 3M, which makes 3M’s already good reputation and once again famous across the country.
3M is the world leader in a full range of personal protective equipment. But it is indeed the most well-known in masks.
3M sandpaper is the world’s first in some areas, such as the polishing and polishing of car surfaces.
3M tape, The disruptive product masking tape was launched, and after continuous improvement on this basis, it finally promoted the birth of 3M’s well-known star product “Scotch transparent tape”.
3M’s new optical film. Today, this ultra-thin optical film is widely used in mobile phones, computers and TVs, occupying 75% of the global market share and becoming 3M’s constant cash cow.
Honeywell International (Honeywell )
Honeywell is a Fortune Global 500 high-tech company. The life safety and security department is only a small part of Honeywell. Honeywell’s high-tech solutions cover aviation, building and industrial control technology, characteristic materials, and the Internet of Things. Committed to the deep integration of the physical world and the digital world, using advanced cloud computing, data analysis and industrial Internet of Things technologies to solve difficult economic and social challenges. In China, Honeywell has long used innovation to promote growth, and implemented the strategy of “East Serving the East” and “East Serving the World”.
Kimberly-Clark is a global leader in the field of health care. Personal health care products, household paper and commercial consumer products are Kimberly-Clark’s three core businesses. In addition to its outstanding performance in the field of personal protective equipment, Kimberly-Clark is also the founder of world-class household paper, non-woven and absorbent technologies
Since 1914, MSA has been Is a world-class manufacturer of quality safety equipment. Although the use and maintenance of MSA products may be very simple, they are highly intelligent safety protection equipment. This is due to day-to-day research and development, never-ending testing, and an eternal commitment to quality. Day after day, it is this reliable quality that continuously saves lives and gives thousands of people the most assured protection. Among the many popular products of MSA, many have extensively combined the advantages of electronic components, mechanical systems and advanced materials to ensure that users around the world can be safely protected even in the most dangerous environments.
provides a wide range of security products for the military, fire protection, law enforcement agencies, construction, oil and gas, chemical, and many other industries. MSA also sells reliable and safe products to consumers and contractors under the “Safe Work” brand in high-end home centers and retail stores.
Some products of MSA have become unofficially recognized standards under their respective categories, including ALTAIR? Skyhawk series portable gas detectors, V-Gard? series helmets, Cairns? series fire helmets and FireHawk? series gas masks. MSA has hundreds of products, each of which is designed with excellent quality as the criterion, and is backed by industry-leading R&D capabilities.
Universal UVEX
UVEX brand eye protection products have become globally recognized industry leaders, and extended to hearing protection, head protection, respiratory protection, hand protection, body protection and foot protection products. In terms of quality, material selection and safety factor, it conforms to different national regulations and internationally recognized standards.
is a world-renowned company established in 1905 with a long history. Is the world’s leading provider of security protection products and services. Committed to design, supply and marketing. Ansell’s products are provided to production workers all over the world, covering almost all fields, from aviation and automobile manufacturing to food processing and semiconductor manufacturing.
Now China has successively established and improved laws and regulations related to labor protection, with emphasis on requiring companies to provide workers with protective equipment. About 60% of PPE in the world comes from China. In the field of personal protective equipment, it is expected that more Chinese PPE brands will embark on the road to success.

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