Mayans head protective equipment-Mayans helmet

Mayans head protection equipment
1, F3 fire helmet
As a new member of MSA fire and rescue helmets, F3 is a fire helmet tailored for the Chinese market. The sturdy, lightweight, and compact design makes the F3 helmet suitable for different emergency rescue needs from building fire protection, field rescue to confined space operations. Unique safety and comfort are even more difficult benchmarks for products of the same price in China.
The main components are imported from the United States.
Patented built-in protective mask, which can be retracted and placed freely, and its impact resistance is more than 10 times higher than the national standard.
Patented cap shell automatic separation design to help firefighters get stuck in the helmet

Means F3 fire helmet features and advantages
1. Unique impact absorption system, impact-resistant cap shell, cap lining, and cushion elastic tube work as a system to provide excellent resistance Impact performance;
2. The exclusive thermal insulation cap shell makes it 66% higher than ordinary fire helmets;
3, MSA patented built-in protective mask, the impact resistance is higher than the national standard 10 It can be adjusted quickly when needed;
4. The patented automatic separation design of the cap shell helps the firefighter to safely escape in the accidental situation where the helmet is jammed and the chin strap is constricted to the neck, so as to provide more detailed The safety guarantee;
5. The cap lining can be adjusted according to the head type of different users, including the size of the headband, the height of the front side of the cap lining and the height of the back side of the cap lining.
Market: Fire Service
Certification: The product complies with the US NFPA1971-2013 standard and the Chinese GA44-2004 standard.
Obtained the dual certification of the CCC of the Ministry of Public Security of China and the NFPA of the United States Fire Standards
2, Mei Ansi V-Gard? standard helmet
MSA V-Gard helmet has always been with its distinctive “V” trademark It is well-known in the world and is loved by users all over the world. It is the leader in safety helmets, synonymous with comfort, high quality and durability. Since its listing, MSA has sold more than 100 million V-Gard helmets. Even in the most demanding workplaces, this iconic “V” helmet has been the first choice of consumers for many years. If the helmet you need is truly comfortable, meets the standards, pays attention to details, and is durable, please don’t hesitate to choose the original design, the original MSA V-Gard helmet. V-Gard, your best choice for helmets.

V-Gard? standard helmet features and advantages:
1. Classic original “V” shape to ensure excellent impact resistance and puncture resistance;
2. Use high-quality materials , After the world’s advanced technology, no matter PE material or ABS material is strictly tested, both appearance and practicality are outstanding;
3. Lengthened visor design, additional sun protection effect, reduced glare, and dustproof , Anti-fouling, anti-chemicals, etc., to enhance the protection of the eyes and face;
4, fully comply with the latest national GB2811-2007 standard, is the earliest response, and achieve the new national standard on the chin strap between 150KN-250KN force Open the required helmet manufacturer;
5, a variety of cap shell colors, a variety of cap lining, chin strap optional to meet the different requirements of customers;
6, Logo Express customer customized professional marking service , Thereby enhancing the positioning of safety helmets-from head protection products to corporate image.
Market: Construction, General Industry, Oil and Gas, Public Facilities, Mining Industry
Certification: The product meets and exceeds the GB2811-2007 standard
3, Mei Si’an V-Gard one-finger key cap lining
V-Gard one-finger keycap lining is lighter in weight, unique product arc conforms to ergonomic design, more comfortable to wear; exquisite appearance, durable, it is a real high-quality keycap lining.

1. Unique comfortable curve, ergonomic design, more fit and comfortable;
2, lighter weight, suitable for long-time wearing;
3, exquisite appearance, full of high-end quality;
4. The operation is simple and easy to use, and it is easy to get it with one key.

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