People with a history of pollen allergies should wear masks, gloves and other “protective equipment” when traveling on Qingming Festival

People with a history of pollen allergies should carry anti-allergic drugs with them and wear protective equipment such as masks and gloves before traveling. In addition, people with acute diseases, weak health or allergic physique should try to avoid going outing as much as possible and avoid direct contact with various plants that easily induce allergic symptoms to prevent the onset of allergic dermatitis.

Pollen allergy is mostly caused by pollen from various trees, wormwood or other plants, and it is the period of pollen transmission. Pollen is floating in the air. After being inhaled into the body, people often experience nasal congestion, runny nose, Symptoms such as sneezing, nasal cavity and itching all over the body.

When traveling, you should generally choose sports shoes with good air permeability such as soft leather or cloth, thick rubber soles or Velcro. Do not wear pointed shoes, high heels or new shoes. .
After walking for a long time, the low top of the boat socks is easy to fall to the sole of the foot, and the partial seam of the patched socks is not flat, which will cause uneven force on the sole of the foot when walking. Prolonged local friction can cause foot ulcers. Generally, you should choose soft, light-colored cotton socks, which are sweat-absorbing and breathable, and avoid wearing nylon socks. Be careful not to choose socks that are too elastic to avoid affecting blood circulation.

On the Ching Ming Festival, we not only have to go out for a walk, but also sweep the graves of the dead. What verses are there in this festival full of traditional cultural atmosphere? The ancient poems about Qingming Festival are attached below, and those who are interested can take a look.

During the Qingming Festival, there was rain, and pedestrians wanted to die. ¡ª¡ª Du Mu’s “Ching Ming”
The Ming dynasty was cold and it was another spring. ¡ª¡ªGu Taiqing, “Linjiang Fairy ¡¤ Planting Begonia One Day Before Qingming”
I would like to ask where the restaurant is? The shepherd boy refers to Xinghua Village. ¡ª¡ª Du Mu’s “Ching Ming”
Spring is everywhere, flowers are flying everywhere, cold food is Dongfeng Yuliu oblique. ¡ª¡ªHan Hong “Cold Food”
When Yanzi came to Xinshe, Lihua was behind Qingming. ¡ª¡ª Yan Shu’s “Broken Time¡¤Spring Scenery”
The candles passed from the Han Palace at sunset, light smoke scattered into the Wuhou family. ¡ª¡ªHan Hong, “Cold Food”
The spring boat is like sitting in the sky, and the old flowers look like in the fog. ¡ª¡ª Du Fu’s “Small Cold Food Boat”
Dang the spring light and cold food sky. ¡ª¡ªLi Qingzhao “Wanxisha¡¤Dang Dang Chun Guang Han Shi Tian”
The pear blossom wind is coming to Qingming, and the wandering child is half out of the city in search of spring. ¡ª¡ªWu Weixin, “Su Di Qingming is the matter”
The moonlight in the atrium is clear, and countless poplar flowers have passed without a shadow. ¡ª¡ª Zhang Xian “Magnolia¡¤Yimao Wu Xinghan Food”
Eyes full of gossamer and falling flakes, when the red apricots bloom, there is a clear rain. ¡ª¡ªFeng Yansi “A Magpie on the Branches¡¤Ching Ming”
No flowers and no wine to spend Ching Ming, like a wild monk. ¡ª¡ªWang Yucheng’s “Ching Ming”
After the wind and rain, how many descendants of the graves came? ¡ª¡ªGao Qi “Send Chen Xiucai to the Tomb of Shashang Province”
It’s a pity that a piece of clear song is paid in the evening. ¡ª¡ªHuang Xiaomai “Xiangchun Yeyue¡¤Near Qingming”
In February, Jiangnan is full of flowers, and the cold food in another hometown is far sad. ¡ª¡ªMeng Yunqing’s “Cold Food”
The emperor emphasizes Qingming, and people are worried about themselves. ¡ª¡ªMeng Haoran, “Ching Ming is a matter”
The situation is clear and good weather, so you might as well travel to Yan and don’t forget to return. ¡ª¡ª Cheng Hao, “The Outskirts of Things”
The blooming of the tung flowers, the rain, and the clearing. ¡ª¡ª Liu Yong, “Slow Magnolia Flower Opening and Blooming Tung Blossoms”
Qingming has been heard by the wind and rain. ¡ª¡ªWu Wenying “The wind enters the pine, listens to the wind, hears the rain and clears the Ming”
Su Yi does not sigh from the wind, as long as Qingming can be home. ¡ª¡ª Lu You “Lin’an Spring Rain at the Beginning”
Immediately there was cold food, and the worries belonged to late spring. ¡ª¡ªSong Zhiwen, “Huang Mei Linjiang Post to Cui Rong on Cold Food on the Way”
The peach and plum smile during the Qingming Festival, and the wild mounds are only sad. ¡ª¡ª Huang Tingjian’s “Ching Ming”
There are many cemeteries on the north and south hills, and the Qingming Festival is very different. ¡ª¡ªGao Zhu’s “Tomb-sweeping Day”
Six Qulangans nestle with green trees and willows with light wind, showing the golden strands. ¡ª¡ªFeng Yansi “Magpie Stepping on Branches¡¤Ching Ming”
Hundred Herbs, Thousand Flowers, Cold Food Road, where the incense car is attached to the tree. ¡ª¡ªFeng Yansi “The Magpie Steps on the Branches¡¤Where to Go with Clouds in a Few Days”
Who moved the zither to the jade column? Haiyan flew away in surprise. ¡ª¡ªFeng Yansi “The Magpie Stepping on the Branches¡¤Ching Ming”
The wind is light and cold, and the plum blossoms in the snow and the apricot blossoms are red. ¡ª¡ªHan Hao “Deep Night”
Qingming Shangsi West Lake is good, full of prosperity. ¡ª¡ª Ouyang Xiu “Picking mulberries, Qingming Shangsi West Lake is good”
Tong Yan Ruo can stay, He Xi Zui Liu Xia. ¡ª¡ª Meng Haoran, “Feast of the Mei Taoist Room on Qingming Day”
Swing for rain and wet at dusk. ¡ª¡ª Li Qingzhao, “Wanxi Sand, Dangling Spring and Cold Food”

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