[Protective gloves] I am responsible for protecting your hands

I am responsible for protecting your hands. Your hands are used to build our beautiful motherland!
There are many types of protective gloves, including cut-resistant gloves, insulated gloves, oil-resistant and acid-resistant gloves, anti-static gloves, yarn gloves, canvas gloves, There are dozens of kinds of welding gloves, nylon knitted gloves, steelmaking gloves, cowhide gloves, etc. Different gloves have different protective effects. We need to choose the one that suits us according to the different working environment.

Now the editor briefly introduces the functions and characteristics of cut-resistant gloves, live working gloves and oil-resistant gloves.
Cutting-resistant gloves
Cutting-resistant gloves are gloves made of steel wire mixed with nylon woven materials. They have strong anti-cutting and non-slip properties, and can hold the blade without being cut. It has excellent anti-wear, anti-cut and anti-poking protection, comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Cut-resistant gloves not only have the above functions, their service life is much longer than ordinary gloves. As long as you choose standard cut-resistant gloves, you can have a perfect protective effect.
Insulating gloves for live working
Insulating gloves can insulate both human hands from charged objects, preventing human hands from touching the same potential charged body or touching the same potential charged body at the same time or touching the same potential charged body at the same time and getting an electric shock.
Rubber insulated gloves are made of pure natural imported rubber, which is comfortable to wear and durable. It is suitable for electric power and electrical equipment to be worn during live work to prevent direct contact with the live body by the hand, so as to avoid electric shock, and play the role of hand insulation and protection.
Oil-resistant gloves
The highly hand-shaped design makes it very comfortable to wear, and the rough surface at the fingertips improves movement flexibility
Product recommendation
Serite cut resistant gloves level 5

1. When working with knives, glass and metals, it can provide reliable protection for hands without affecting comfort and flexibility;
2. Compared with ordinary cut resistant gloves, Cerlite is softer, more breathable and safer , More flexible;
3. Suitable for industry, automobile manufacturing, meat segmentation, household, anti-static industries, etc.

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