Respiratory protection|There are so many sub-categories, how to choose?

Respiratory protection|There are so many sub-categories, how to choose?

When it comes to respiratory protection products, the first thing that comes to mind is masks, followed by highly professional gas masks. But to subdivide the two major categories, you will get countless sub-categories. For example, the protection level of dust masks can be as specific as 18 (divided into European standard, American standard, and national standard, and there are also under each standard. Subdivision).

Next, we only solve one problem. How to choose between mask, half mask and full face mask?
1. If you want to carry it easily, choose a mask. The mask is ready to use, and the size is not as big as the half mask and full mask. However, disposable masks have a high air leakage rate and are not suitable for long-term or occupational protection. Occupational protection is recommended to be evaluated from multiple perspectives such as quality, protection level, and comfort, and choose a good mask that effectively prevents pneumoconiosis.
2. Just protect the respiratory system, choose half-face gas mask. Half-face gas masks only provide effective protection for the respiratory organs (nose and nose), but in terms of price, they are cheaper than full-faced ones.
3. For comprehensive protection, choose a comprehensive gas mask. A comprehensive gas mask can effectively protect the face, eyes and respiratory organs from poisons. In some special operations or harsh environments, the entire face needs to be fully protected. Don’t hesitate to choose a full face mask.
In short, the mask is the most portable, the half mask is lighter, and the full face is more comprehensive. Xiaohui’s suggestion is to choose the right product according to the personal working environment.
The editor below has carefully selected some mask products for everyone to purchase~

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