Several common medical gloves

Aimas has different hand protection solutions for different use environments. This time the helper will show you some common medical gloves.
Nitrile gloves

The nitrile gloves produced by Emasi are comfortable, super soft and have good elasticity. The nitrile gloves have the same strong properties as natural latex, and are able to maximize movement and flexibility. Reduce the tightness and pressure of the gloves. It is completely free of natural latex ingredients and is free for people with latex protein allergies. Emas has further improved the synthetic formula of nitrile rubber gloves to provide better elasticity, tensile strength, sharp hand feeling and performance in use, and can be applied to occasions that need to withstand certain mechanical pressure.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves
The powdered and powder-free series of Imas PVC gloves are made of 100% new and improved materials, bringing a lighter and softer feeling than previous products, while ensuring that the Good protection of a variety of substances and microorganisms ensures a good balance of feelings and properties. It is a good alternative for people who are allergic to the protein in latex gloves.
Film (PE) gloves

Emas film (PE) gloves, a brand-new environmentally friendly PE material, mainly suitable for: food processing, medical care, medicine preparation, kitchen cooking, etc. It has It protects hands, reduces the damage of daily chemicals, and is used for health protection.
This glove does not contain optical brightener, is odorless, non-toxic, and can withstand most acid and alkali corrosion. This product is made of polyethylene material, which ensures the elastic feel and strong “skin feel” close to rubber. The surface of the glove is specially processed to prevent adhesion, slippery hands, good ventilation, economical and durable, and can be mixed with left and right hands. The new material brings comprehensive protection and sharp hand feel, which is the best choice for people with latex protein allergies.
Latex gloves

Natural latex examination gloves bring unparalleled comfort and protection. They are the perfect combination of toughness, elasticity and non-slip. Its thickness and elasticity make it perform well in high-risk and high-strength occasions, and it fits hands like a second skin. The only disadvantage is that the natural protein ingredients contained in it will cause some people to produce allergies and other adverse reactions-including systemic allergies.

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