Smoggy days let us learn to protect ourselves and children

In winter, there was once a blue sky, white clouds, white snow, and stars scattered. However, as the times change, smog has become the “standard” in winter. The smog contains a lot of harmful substances, and long-term inhalation of large amounts will cause many harm to the human body. The most important ones are upper respiratory tract infections, acute tracheal and bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and other diseases. Children’s respiratory systems are more fragile than adults. Harmful substances can irritate babies’ respiratory tracts and increase the risk of upper respiratory tract infections and allergic asthma. Faced with such a terrible haze weather, parents must not take it lightly! From now on we must take preventive measures for the baby and fight the haze!
1. Reduce outdoor activities and take effective protection
Minimize children’s outdoor sports in haze days, reduce the time of opening windows for ventilation, or wait for the sun to come out before opening windows for ventilation. If you want to take your children out to play, the time must not be too long. Remember to wear a mask when children come to or leave the kindergarten to prevent dust particles from entering the body.
Tips for choosing a baby mask

1. High dust blocking efficiency can help the baby effectively isolate the smog;
2. It must be closely attached to the face to ensure that the baby’s mouth and nose are both It can cover;
3. The breathing resistance is small and the material is comfortable to ensure that the baby breathes smoothly and the skin is not harmed.
Second, since the smog is unavoidable, cleanliness is especially important!
Face is often exposed to the air, so there are many harmful substances attached to the face, so it is necessary to clean the face of the baby frequently. It is better to use warm water, which can effectively clean the haze particles attached to the skin. We all say that the disease enters from the mouth, and if you gargle your baby correctly, you can remove the dirt attached to the oral cavity, and make the entrance the first pass.
3. Do not dry the clothes outside
Drying the underwear outside will only be contaminated with more bacteria and viruses. After returning home, it is best to take off the outside clothes and change to a clean set of clothes .
Four. Food and nourish the lungs
The more the foggy weather, the more parents should let their babies eat more fruits and vegetables, which can not only supplement various vitamins and inorganic salts, but also moisten the lungs, eliminate dryness, expectorant and relieve cough The effect of invigorating the spleen and kidney; eat less irritating foods, and more pears, loquats, oranges and other foods that clear the lungs and reduce phlegm. Yes, the smog is serious, and many children have symptoms such as dry cough and itchy throat and eyes.
In the face of haze weather, in addition to doing this well, we should also let children eat some lung-cleaning foods from time to time to clear the fire and detoxify.
Sydney Lily Nourishing Lung Soup

Ingredients: 1 Sydney lily, several slices of wolfberry, 10 grains
Method: Wash Sydney, cut into small pieces with skin, and wash lily. Put the Sydney pear cubes and lily in the pot, pour in water, boil over high heat, and skim the foam of the noodle soup. Then cover the pot, expose a small slit, reduce the heat, cook for 20 minutes, add the washed goji berries, and cook for 2 minutes.
Sydney pear promotes body fluid and moisturizes dryness, clears heat and reduces phlegm. Lily clears away heat, removes fire, moisturizes the lungs and calms the nerves. The Sydney pear and lily in the soup are edible, the little ones drink the juice, and the older ones add a little rock sugar to eat.

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