To protect against viruses, gloves may be more important!

Do you wear gloves today?
Recently, US health researcher Laurie Garrett wrote about her own experience and knowledge in the face of infectious diseases. She has been exposed to large-scale infectious diseases such as Ebola and SARS and public health. The crisis has done fieldwork and in-depth research.
She said in the article that wearing gloves is very important during the epidemic! Because the hands touch too many things every day.
When you go out on the bus or subway, you will touch the handrails; shake hands with people, eat; always touch your face or eyes with your hands, etc. These behaviors are the best opportunities for the virus to invade.
Nowadays, the new coronavirus can still spread through contact…
A few days ago, the People’s Daily published a confirmed case and the doorknob detected the news of virus nucleic acid#, which undoubtedly made everyone more worried …..
But the editor believes that as long as we take appropriate protections, the new coronavirus is not terrible!
Viruses and bacteria are everywhere, and the best way is to prevent them in advance, such as wearing them. Medical-grade protective gloves are fundamentally isolated.
If you have gloves at home, try to wear them when you want to touch objects, door handles, and faucets. Today, the editor recommends a PVC disposable disinfectant protective glove that is very convenient to use, which isolates the skin from direct contact with bacteria and prevents the spread of the virus.

Recommendation reason:
Hospital dedicated, low pinhole rate, isolate bacteria and virus, prevent coronavirus.
Powder-free gloves, latex-free, in line with SFDA food certification, feel free to use.
Skin-sensing design, sensitive touch, can operate mobile phone
Squeeze without breaking, sealing without leakage, isolating oil, cooking, home use

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